Tasks to be done by community members:

Artwork tasks

  • Create backgrounds and themes and package them.
  • Create countdown banners (wait for the call, as the specifics might change).
  • Create templates for release-party posters and flyers and advertise them.
  • Look at Ubuntu bugs tagged `needs-artwork` for open tasks.

  • Help fill upstream GNOME art requests.

Wiki tasks

Please send a mail to the ubuntu-art list, if you pick up work on one of these:

  • Improve the Artwork page to make it an ideal starting point for newcomers. At least link to good introductions to wikis, mailing-lists and IRC.

  • Improve the Software page such that someone who has never heard of any of our tools will
    • find out about them
    • be able to associate them with similar commercial tools,
    • understand what they do even if they didn't know what bitmaps
      • and beziers are,
    • have links to the finest tutorials.
  • Cover topics like color theory, composition, drawing in
    • perspective ... a few high-quality links should do.
  • Fill in the missing releases in Archives.


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