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This is the start of the Artwork page, which will contain the following:

 * Artwork Introduction (currently "ArtworkTeamIntroduction")
  * /UbuntuArtwork - Ubuntu artwork
  * /KubuntuArtwork - Kubuntu artwork
  * /EdubuntuArtwork - Edubuntu artwork
  * /XubuntuArtwork - Xubuntu artwork
 * FAQ: one for everything
 * Resources (currently "ArtworkTeamTools"
 * Licensing: one for everything
 * Contact/The Team: (currently "ArtworkTeam" - updated, please read and add your details)
 * Miscellaneous

This is not to signify that for example /KubuntuArtwork will be under the introduction, but rather that the introduction will be on this page and /KubuntuArtwor will be on a subpage.

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