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Official versions of Ubuntu artwork is Self:/Official

Official versions of Ubuntu artwork is /Official

Get Involved!

If you would like to get involved in the current default Ubuntu related artwork projects, follow the steps at /Documentation/GetInvolved.

Who Is Involved?

Anyone interested in the official distribution default installation look and feel.

If you are interested in developing a particular "look / feel" for Ubuntu outside of the default installation, please consider joining one of the theme teams. Contact the mailing list for more information.

How To Contribute

Warning /!\ Feisty artwork will be designed by kwwii -- of Kubuntu Edgy and KDE Oxygen Icon fame. He will be working closely with sabdfl in the design. Do not expect community involvement in defining this portion.

Wiki Contributions

If you have a contribution for the wiki and the mailing list feels it is needed, please use the /PageTemplate and put your page in /Incoming. Keep it clear and simple.

Other ArtworkTeams

Currently we are attempting to collect all art related people under the ubuntu-art team on Launchpad. This has been quite successful thus far, and therefore one should consider the ubuntu-art team as a good starting point for work. For links to legacy pages, please see the following links:

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