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== General Information == == About the Artwork Team ==
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Instructions on joining the launchpad team, mailing list, and ''using IRC'' located here [[/Documentation/GetInvolved]]

## Etiquette page
##'''Things to keep in mind'''
## * Be considerate, and constructive
## * If you're about to criticise somebody's work, think carefully about how to do it. You do not want to create a negative atmosphere.
## * Make sure you don't disturb what others have done
## * Keep things in chronological order
## * Look through the pages to see if somebody has done what you've thought of already.
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##== Communication ==
##'''Mailing list''' - Join the mailing list or browse the archives at [[BR]]
##'''IRC''' - Join our IRC channel: #ubuntu-artwork at Freenode, or - For a tutorial on IRC, try the [ XChatHowto].
## 3.
## Browse through lots of art made by Ubuntu users, or upload your own creations.
## 4. The forums -- TODO: Official Forum Thread.
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= Starting Off =
== Getting Involved ==
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= More Information =

'''The Wiki'''
=== The Wiki ===
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'''IRC''' === IRC ===
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'''Mailing list''' === Mailing list ===
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'''Meetings''' === Meetings ===
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'''Launchpad''' === Launchpad ===
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##As a member of the team, you will also get up-to-the-minute updates whenever anyone adjusts a subscribed specification or the corresponding wiki page. The art team tries to keep all art related specifications subscribed to the art team, but sometimes a few slip through or simply aren't relevant enough. This can be quite helpful to track developments related to the specifications.

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## A) General Team Info 1) Goals and Objectives 2) How to Join and Contribute
## B) Projects 1) Official Artwork 2) Community Artwork (Better Name?) SWAP PROJECTS WITH GUIDELINES in ORDER
## C) General Guidelines 1) No porn or other BadThings(tm) 2) Licensing 3) Whatever else we think of...
## D) Communication 1) Mailing list 2) IRC 3) 4) Art on Forum???
## E) Other Teams

To jump straight in to contributing to the Jaunty cycle, go here.

About the Artwork Team

The goal of the "Artwork Team" is to produce artwork for the community side of Ubuntu.

The Artwork Team aims to enrich Ubuntu by designing high quality, original and beautiful themes to be available in the repo as an *alternative* to the default look.

We tend to work in small groups on themes, so alongside people with a strong vision who can lead a team, we need plenty of others that can work together to help polish a great complete, cohesive look.

This involves designers, packagers and GTK+ & QT themeing experts, and we could certainly do with a few more hackers.


  1. Only post Ubuntu related artwork, and keep it Family Friendly.

  2. Everything contributed must be offered with a free license. If your submission also contains another's work, make sure that its license is compatible with Ubuntu. Please make sure that you have clearly stated a license and your preferred method of attribution.


  • The current development cycle of artwork is Jaunty Jackalope.

  • If you have a complete concept that is meant to be developed outside of the regular release cycle, such as Blubuntu--please use the form in /Incoming. Keep it clear and simple.

Other Teams

Getting Involved

If you would like to get involved with the Artwork Team start by following the following steps:

  1. The Wiki - Check out the active artwork process at Artwork/Incoming

  2. IRC - #ubuntu-artwork at - For a howto: XChatHowto.

  3. Mailing List - You can sign up for the mailing list.

  4. Meetings - The artwork team will be holding monthly meetings on irc.

  5. Launchpad - You can join the launchpad team once you have a launchpad account.

The Wiki

  • To subscribe to a wiki page, simply click the subscribe button at the top of the related wiki page.


Mailing list


  • These meetings are usually held on IRC. For a howto on using IRC see XChatHowTo.


  • Launchpad offers a wonderful email update to track and follow your favorite specfications.
    • Use Launchpad to subscribe to the specifications from your profile.

Technical Resources - Documentation - Ubuntu Logo and Pill - Ubuntu Font


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