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||<tablestyle="margin-left:25px;" style="border:0;">{{attachment:icon-info.png}}||<style="border:0;padding-left:10px;font-weight:bold;">We are currently developing artwork for [[Artwork/Incoming/Lucid|Lucid Lynx]]|| ||<tablestyle="margin-left:25px;" style="border:0;">{{attachment:icon-info.png}}||<style="border:0;padding-left:10px;font-weight:bold;">We are currently developing artwork for [[Artwork/Incoming/Maverick|Maverick Meerkat]]||
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||<style="border:0;">{{attachment:moin-dot2.png}}||<style="border:0;padding-left:10px;">[[Artwork/HumanityIcons|Humanity Icon theme]] &ndash; Work on the humanity icon set||
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||<style="border:0;">&nbsp;||<style="border:0;font-size:smaller;padding-left:20px;">[[|What is IRC, and how does it work?]].||


Our interests are not only in creating artwork for use by the Ubuntu community, but also in advocating the use of creative tools included with Ubuntu.

Our activities include but are not limited to:


Creating and submitting artistic content to the Team wiki.


Discussing and exploring artistic ideas on the Team mailing list.


Participation in upstream open source projects.

The aim is to enrich Ubuntu by creating high quality artwork to be packaged and made available as Community-maintained Open Source software (universe).

The process is agile as we tend to work in self forming small groups and collaborate with other teams. Those who have a strong vision of the outcome often assume a leadership role depending on others to assist as we strive to achieve a polished cohesive look.

The cast of actors include designers, engineers, packagers, theme experts, in addition to a variety of hackers.


We are currently developing artwork for Maverick Meerkat


Catalog of all artwork pages

Team Activity



Official Artwork – Most importantly the Ubuntu Logo


Documentation – On artistic and technical matters


Breathe Icon Set – Work on an alternative icon set


Incoming – All artwork proposals and submissions


Archives – The look of previous releases


Tasks – Artwork and wiki related tasks for community members


Meetings – Meeting schedule and agenda

Get Involved


Want to check out the action to see what's going on?


The mail list archives are viewable at Nabble. When you are ready to jump in, subscribe to the Team mailing list.

Don't go it alone!


Announce your presence by sending an email of introduction to the list describing your experience and interests.


In order to increase the readability and understanding of email responses please include your comments underneath the sentence/paragraph part-of-the-email you are responding too. Almost all mailers can do this easily. If yours doesn't please take extra attention to doing this by hand.


To be more connected add an RSS feed. Browser friendly tools are located at .

Talk with members on the IRC Channel!


Join the Team IRC channel at #ubuntu-artwork on


What is IRC, and how does it work?.


We recommend the XChat-client: XChat Howto.


Logs of everything spoken in the channel.

Taking it all the way!


Launchpad is the hub of the community wheel. To contribute requires a general understanding of Launchpad and a Launchpad Account.

Flavours Of Ubuntu


Smile :) As adding value to the Ubuntu community is core to our purpose, we expect contributors to conduct team interactions as suggested by the Ubuntu Code Of Conduct.


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