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   * Logos and other graphic design for related projects    * Logos and other graphic design for related projects.


The Ubuntu Artwork team and mailing list serves as a get-together for people who create artwork with and/or for Ubuntu (including the derivatives). Besides great visual design, our interests include the use of Free Software and open processes to get there.

The default wallpaper, theme and icons for Ubuntu are handled by the Design Team at Canonical. However, Xubuntu, Edubuntu and Lubuntu are open to contributions in these categories.

Concepts going beyond visual design into functionality are better handled by the Ayatana project.

What we (could) do

  • Answer requests from the community
    • Logos and other graphic design for related projects.
    • Web design for related sites.
    • Marketing material made to specification (poster, banners, fliers, brochures, stickers, shirts).
    • Illustrations for presentations and guides.
  • Creating and making available artwork such as wallpapers, themes, icons, posters and brochures.
  • Discuss and advocate art and design related Free Software and open processes.
  • Participation in upstream open source projects.
  • Develop and maintain documentation (here on the wiki)
  • Provide resources (tutorials, art assets, advice) and encouragement for the use of the FOSS creative tools

Why contribute?

  • Create work that is valuable to others and answers real-world needs but avoid the hassles of commercial work. Add to your portfolio.
  • Gain experience, hone your skills.
  • Become recognized as contributing artist or designer.
  • Do your part to move the Ubuntu project forward.
  • Add beauty and sophistication to the world.

Get Involved


Want to check out the action to see what's going on?


The mail list archives are viewable at Nabble. When you are ready to jump in, subscribe to the Team mailing list.

Don't go it alone!


Announce your presence by sending an email of introduction to the list describing your experience and interests.


In order to increase the readability and understanding of email responses please include your comments underneath the sentence/paragraph part-of-the-email you are responding too. Almost all mailers can do this easily. If yours doesn't please take extra attention to doing this by hand.


To be more connected add an RSS feed. Browser friendly tools are located at .

Talk with members on the IRC Channel!


Join the Team IRC channel at #ubuntu-artwork on


What is IRC, and how does it work?.


We recommend the XChat-client: XChat Howto.


Logs of everything spoken in the channel.

Taking it all the way!


Launchpad is the hub of the community wheel. To contribute requires a general understanding of Launchpad and a Launchpad Account.


  • Add or find wallpapers on our Flickr pool

  • Get/create/translate/share marketing material such as posters and brochures on SpreadUbuntu

Our wiki



Official Artwork – Most importantly the Ubuntu Logo


Documentation – On artistic and technical matters


Breathe Icon Set – Work on an alternative icon set


Incoming – Artwork proposals and submissions for previous releases


Archives – The look of previous releases


Tasks – Artwork and wiki related tasks for community members

Flavours Of Ubuntu


Smile :) As adding value to the Ubuntu community is core to our purpose, we expect contributors to conduct team interactions as suggested by the Ubuntu Code Of Conduct.


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