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Clear message

The Ubuntu Artwork team exist to make the Ubuntu desktop ever more usable and attractive. We do this through a formal process of creating specifications. The next release of Ubuntu is code named Edgy Eft and the specifications we are working on for this release can be found [ on launchpad] (look for specs marked approved).

We would enjoy your help with the above tasks, but if you feel that your talents and available time don't fit any of the above specs, please consider the following art-related interests:

  • We always need help converting png icons to SVG and creating new SVG icons. Learn more on the PolishHumanIcons page.

  • [] exists as an area where you can share photos, wallpaper, themes and cursors. This is a busy website frequented by community members and is a hub for artistic add-ons for the Ubuntu desktop.

  • Ubuntu strives to be the leading distro for creating derivative linux distributions. As such, a number of other art-teams exist. Here is a list: EdubuntuArtwork, KubuntuArtwork, XubuntuArtwork.

Please note we would greatly appreciate your help with our specs for the next version, so if you have only enough time to help with one thing, please see if you can contribute to the existing specs. This is an area where you can have a profound and visible impact on what Ubuntu will look like in the next version.

This wiki attempts to stay current with all developments.

Wiki Contributions

If you wish to add to the wiki, please use the /PageTemplate and put your page in /Incoming. Keep it clear and simple.

There are a few unsorted Edgy Eft propositions at /Evaluation/EdgyPropositions.

Get Involved!

The Artwork team has an open process to become a member for contribution and decision making. Go to /Team/GetInvolved to learn how to join.


We aim to link to existing wiki documentation in our /Documentation section. After a good bit of learning through the Dapper process, we are attempting to build a better structure. See /Documentation/Guidelines for information about the ArtworkTeam structure based on Mark Shuttleworth's comments to the mailing list.

Other ArtworkTeams

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