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Get Involved!

The Artwork team has an open process to become a member for contribution and decision making. Go to /Documentation/GetInvolved to learn how to become a part of the process.

Who Is Involved?

Anyone interested in the official distribution default installation look and feel.

How To Get Something Done

As with the Ubuntu development team, we utilize by constructing specifications. The Art specific specifications are subscribed to the ubuntu-art team ( ). The current specifications we are tackling are those marked approved by the Ubuntu development core.

Again, check the specifications and work towards solving them. If they are not yet approved, your work could still prove vital. Please leave a documentation trail for others to reference if you contribute to any of the specifications.

Wiki Contributions

If you wish to add to the wiki, please use the /PageTemplate and put your page in /Incoming. Keep it clear and simple.

Other ArtworkTeams

Currently we are attempting to collect all art related people under the ubuntu-art team on Launchpad. This has been quite successful thus far. For other references, please see the following links:

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