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Ubuntu Artwork

This is a page to help you get started on your way towards contributing artwork to Ubuntu.

General Information

Goals and Objectives

The goal of the "Artwork Team" is to produce artwork for the community side of ubuntu. Mostly, this means the look of the actual distro itself, not promotional or marketing materials. We hope to produce artwork stunning enough that upon first glance, people want to know what Ubuntu is and where to get it.

Joining and Contribution

Instructions on joining the launchpad team and mailing list located here /Documentation/GetInvolved

Things to keep in mind

  • Be considerate, and constructive
    • If you're about to criticise somebody's work, think carefully about how to do it. You do not want to create a negative atmosphere.
  • Make sure you don't disturb what others have done
  • Keep things in chronological order
  • Look through the pages to see if somebody has done what you've thought of already.


  1. Only post Ubuntu-related artwork, and keep it family friendly.

  2. Everything contributed must be offered with a free license. If your artwork have other peoples art in it, make sure that its license is compatible with Ubuntu. Please make sure that you have clearly stated a license and your preferred method of attribution.


Offical Artwork

[wiki:/Official Official]- Ubuntu Logo and promotional materials BR UbuntuTitle - The Ubuntu Font

The current development cycle of artwork is [wiki:/Incoming/Hardy Hardy Heron].

Community Artwork

If you have a complete concept that is meant to be developed outside of the regular release cycle, such as Blubuntu--please use the /PageTemplate and put your page in /Incoming. Keep it clear and simple.


Do you have any questions, a great idea, or just want to see how things are going? These are the main channels of communication.

Mailing list - Join the mailing list or browse the archives at BR IRC - Join our IRC channel: #ubuntu-artwork at Freenode, or - For a tutorial on IRC, try the [ XChatHowto].

Other Teams

Currently we are attempting to collect all art related people under the ubuntu-art team on Launchpad. This has been quite successful thus far, and therefore one should consider the ubuntu-art team as a good starting point for work. For links to legacy pages, please see the following links:

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