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Clear message

Welcome to the wiki of the Ubuntu Artwork Team. We encourage your support and activity. Please feel free to participate via the avenues listed below.

This wiki attempts to stay current with all developments. You can easily locate a good summary of mailing list topics in the [wiki:ArtworkTeam/Meetings/Agenda ArtworkTeam Agenda].

If you want to contribute immediately, try taking care of a few of the tasks in /Tasks.

Wiki Contributions

If you wish to add to the wiki, please use the /PageTemplate and put your page in Incoming. Keep it clear and simple.

There are a few unsorted Edgy Eft propositions at Artwork/Evaluation/EdgyPropositions.


We aim to link to existing wiki documentation in our /Documentation section.

After a good bit of learning through the Dapper process, we are attempting to build a better structure. See /Documentation/Guidelines for information about the ArtworkTeam structure based on Mark Shuttleworth's comments to the mailing list.

Get Involved !

The Artwork team has an open process to become a member for contribution and decision (using polls). Go to /Team/GetInvolved to know how to join.

Other ArtworkTeams

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