As part of the AsiaBusinessTour, Canonical representatives plan to visit Seoul, Korea on 7 February 2006. If you have information or contacts to help us plan this trip, please fill in the relevant sections below, or contact us at asia2006@canonical.com

Who to Meet

Technology Companies (e.g., contacts at OEMs, system builders, etc.)

  • ...
  • ...

Government (e.g., contacts in ministries of education, culture, information technology)

Linux User Groups (LUG) (e.g., we would love to meet with members of the community, so let us know if there are any meetings while we are there)

Universities (e.g., contacts in computer science/information technology departments)

  • ...
  • ...


If you would like to help us navigate during our stay in Seoul, Korea please let us know by signing up below or sending us an email to the address at the top of this page.

  • ...
  • ...

Where to Stay

Last but not least, any suggestions of decent hotels/accomodation would be extremely helpful! We are particularly looking for someplace

  • convenient to airports

Handling for Mark's own airplane http://www.kbas.com/

  • convenient for local businesses
  • appropriate to host a business breakfast
  • well-wired (i.e, broadband!)

You can choose either of the downtown area or Kangnam area. The downtown area is easier to access the government, while Kangnam area is better to contact the technology companies and technology people. For downtown area my recommendation is:

For Kangnam area:

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