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 ||4597||adduser: Couldn't parse `/etc/adduser.conf':29 thru 64||Fixed|| ||
 ||5254||unable to find volume group "Ubuntu"||Fixed|| ||
 ||5268||error message box for mini_commander_applet||Fixed|| ||
 ||5508||mencoder conflicts with mplayer, no default skin||Fixed|| ||
 ||5509||scim-hangul requires libscim8||Fixed|| ||
 ||5534||New version of scim-hangul is out there||Fix Released||scim-hangul_0.2.1 in repo, checking dependencies||
 ||5550||gmplayer complains no default skin||Fixed|| ||
 ||5560||Konqueror renders embolden characters strangely||Fix Released||Tested Fedora's patches, linked them in ["BetterCJKSupportSpecification"], freetype 2.1.10-1ubuntu1||
 ||5859||nautilus crashed during replacement of file||Fixed|| ||
 ||6121||nabi 0.15-2 in Debian unstable||Fixed||im-switch support||
 ||6295||Segmentation fault on istanbul 0.1.1-1ubuntu1||Fixed||solved by istanbul 0.1.1-1ubuntu2||
 ||6436||libsane 1.0.17-1ubuntu2 failed to rmdir||Fixed||libsane 1.0.17-1ubuntu3||
 ||6606||qt-x11-free 3:3.3.5-1ubuntu11 causes xim failure||Fix Released||qt-x11-free 3.3.5-1ubuntu14||
 ||28535||kmail crashes sometimes on reading mails written in Korean||Fix Released||fontconfig (2.3.2-1.1ubuntu3)||
 ||28663||gnome-system-tools_2.13.0-0ubuntu1 conflicts with gnome-utils||Fix Released||gnome-utils (2.13.4-0ubuntu2), gnome-system-tools (2.13.0-0ubuntu2)||
 ||bz# 21509||gnome-background-properties crashes on selecting a directory to add new file||Fixed||gtk+2.0 (2.8.10-1ubuntu1)||
 ||bz# 22057||texinfo 4.8.3 failed postinst||Fixed||texinfo 4.8-3ubuntu1||
 ||6569||udevplug[1059]:make_queue error brings busybox shell||Fix Released||due to a combination of bugs in udev and initramfs-tools||
 ||4707||debtags 1.5.2 postinst failed||Fix Released||on 2006/02/09 Hug day||
 ||4856||Request rebuilding Eclipse with new gcj||Fix Released||on 2006/02/09 Hug day||
 ||6295||Segmentation fault on istanbul 0.1.1-1ubuntu1||Fix Released||istanbul 0.1.1-1ubuntu2, on 2006/02/09 Hug day||
 ||6080||cups-pdf (1.7.3-8) post-installation failed||Fix Released||cups-pdf 2.0.3-1, on 2006/02/09 Hug day||
 ||6652||beagle-0.1.4-0ubuntu1 doesn't support searching with Korean||Fix Released||beagle-0.2.1||
 ||31758||xfonts-baekmuk installation directory needs to be changed||Fix Released||xfonts-baekmuk-2.2-1ubuntu2, on 2006/02/17 Hug day||
 ||5861||liboil Error message shown during installation of gst plugins by apt-get||Fix Released||liboil- 0.3.7-0ubuntu1||
 ||For Launchpad||[ 6703]||
 ||For Malone||[ 28523]||
  *For Dapper :
  [ 4707],
  [ 4597],
  [ 4856],
  [ 5254],
  [ 5268],
  [ 5508],
  [ 5509],
  [ 5534],
  [ 5550],
  [ 5560],
  [ 5859],
  [ 5861],
  [ 6080],
  [ 6121],
  [ 6295],
  [ 6436],
  [ 6569],
  [ 6606],
  [ 6652],
  [ 28145],
  [ 28535],
  [ 28663],
  [ 30491],
  [ 31758],
  [ bz# 21509]
  * For Launchpad : [ 6703]
  * For Malone : [ 28523]

    You may say I'm a dreamer But I'm not the only one I hope someday you'll join us And the world will live as one


I live in Houston. Typical technical designer for projects running on IBM iSeries (from AS/400), and for the machines, have about 11 years QSECOFR experience of my 15 years professional career.

I am about 4 years Linux user who switched from Redhat/Fedora and Suse to Ubuntu Breezy, love to do my coding works with Java and Eclipse on Ubuntu Dapper installed laptops and desktop nowadays.


My work on Ubuntu

Primary contact for ["KoreanTeam"].

One of contributors for ["BetterCJKSupportSpecification"]. Korean Linux users are discussing ["BetterCJKSupportSpecification"], check out

Testing Dapper on my laptops(Gnome) and desktop(KDE+Gnome), do bug reports to and share them with Korean Ubuntu users here ( ).

Translating applications in Ubuntu versions and products registered in Rosetta

In near future with Ubuntu

Willing to spare my time for forming ["KoreanTeam"] into a strong team to support Korean Ubuntu users and development for Ubuntu.

Continue to add user point of views to the ["BetterCJKSupportSpecification"] for better CJK support.

Continue to use developing version of Ubuntu, if find bugs, outdated and unhandy functions, report them for improvement. This isn't a task, but is for my fun.

Continue to translate Ubuntu packages to Korean.



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