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  * Using Linux since quite some time (first distribution was Red Hat 5.1).

== Interests ==

  * Software development, especially user interface.
  * Drawing.
  * Snowboarding.
  * Using Linux for quite some time (first distribution was Red Hat 5.1).

About me

  • French, living in a small village not too far from Paris.
  • KDE developer working for Canonical, part of the Desktop Experience team.
  • Using Linux for quite some time (first distribution was Red Hat 5.1).



I am not a packager. I see myself as an upstream KDE developer with a strong interest in helping Kubuntu to succeed. As such almost all my contributions are either upstream KDE SC development or independent KDE applications.


  • Developer of Gwenview, a KDE image viewer
  • Developer of Colibri, passive notifications for KDE (kde-apps page)

  • Often tries to polish the user interface of KDE applications (last work so far, Get Hot New Stuff)


  • Implemented Message Indicator support for KDE
  • Ported a few KDE applications to KStatusNotifierItem, KDE new systemtray protocol
  • Created dbusmenu-qt, used by KStatusNotifierItems|AppIndicators to present their menus on DBus, ensuring consistent menu rendering on GNOME and KDE

  • Currently working on a global menubar based on dbusmenu (Article on my blog about it)

Plans for Kubuntu

  • Get more involved in the development of Kubuntu specific tools. Not necessarily creating new ones myself ; rather helping out existing development by answering Qt/KDE development questions and polishing user interfaces.
  • Improve Kubuntu default configuration to ensure out-of-the-box-awesomeness Smile :)

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