• Add some pages to the wiki about why members should join, what members do
  • Continue discussion: our website/forum/wiki; do we need one? What do we put on it?
    • Many other LoCo teams have sites (often themed like all of Ubuntu); it seems to me we should have one to disseminate static information, as a spot on the official Wiki might soon get crowded. - YukiCuss

  • Team leader: do we have an official one or need one?
  • Meeting Day and Time Arrangement: Tuesday doesn't particulary suit everybody. Perhaps it may be necessary to rotate the day on which the meeting is held every week (or fortnight) between alternate fixed days (I.E. Tuesday one week and Wednesday the next).
    • Changing of the current meeting arrangements must be voted upon at this meeting - NaamanCampbell

  • Further discussion on logo, or voting on a logo. See AustralianTeam/Logo - MatthewVermeulen [1]

    • A vote should be conducted at this meeting to allow us to concentrate on more important issues - NaamanCampbell

    • Similar to the BreezyBadger delay meeting format, members should indicate that they have a comment on the logos then take turns to voice their statements - this will allow viewpoints to be heard clearly and will reduce people repeating each other - NaamanCampbell

  • AustralianTeam project meetings on Tuesday 28 March 2006 reports - NaamanCampbell


  • Ubuntu in the Not-for-profit Sector - Promotion at 'Connecting Up 06' Conference in Adelaide - PaulSchulz

[1] Logo #7, viewable on AustralianTeam/Logo was chosen as the ubuntu-au logo


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