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Ubuntu-Au Newsletter?

  • Xice and kapheroph were/are working on a newsletter at [:AustralianTeam/Newsletter]. Is this still going ahead? Do we need a newsletter? Is this page defunct? -- MatthewVermeulen (MatthewV)

  • It was decided that there is not enough content to justify producing a newsletter, especially as most news will go to ubuntu.com.au.

Updates to Welcome Page?

  • Now that Edgy has been released (or will have been by meeting time), should we consider updating the [http://ubuntu.com.au/welcome welcome page]? It will need to be changed to inform readers that Edgy has been released and is the latest, but that shipit only ships dapper. Maybe other changes will also need to be made. -- MatthewVermeulen (MatthewV)

  • Notice was placed on ubuntu.com.au. Special mention is to be made of the fact that shipit will continue to ship dapper, and not edgy.

Daylight Saving -- Change meeting time?

  • Now that daylight saving has taken effect in the eastern states and may reach WA within a month or two, should we look at moving the meeting time (in UTC) an hour forward? At all? -- MatthewVermeulen (MatthewV)

  • Decision was made to change the meeting time to 900UTC for now.