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   1 <lisapc> hysterio, is it possible to close lid and have edgy keep downloading?
   2 <lisapc> brb looking
   3 <elkbuntu> https://wiki.ubuntu.com/AustralianTeam/Meetings is our agenda
   4 * BLAM_ (n=mark@ has joined #ubuntu-au
   5 <Kamping_Kaiser> startign with planet?
   6 <elkbuntu> hysterio, lisapc, if it is just you two discussing non-meeting stuff... it might be more sane for both the meeting and you guys if you take it to PM?
   7 <merlin-linux> Kamping_Kaiser: have you got a suggested day and week for the meeting
   8 <BLAM_> whoa .. soory I'm late
   9 <Kamping_Kaiser> BLAM_, just starting
  10 <Kamping_Kaiser> merlin-linux, after the meeting
  11 <Kamping_Kaiser> elkbuntu, hysterio perhaps #ubuntu ;)
  12 <elkbuntu> BLAM_, only *just* started :)
  13 <hysterio> elkbuntu: im here for the meeting
  14 <elkbuntu> yes, the first agenda item is the planet
  15 <elkbuntu> fujitsu is a naughty boy and not here
  16 <elkbuntu> :-/
  17 <Kamping_Kaiser> :/
  18 <elkbuntu> is there anyone here that wants their blog on http://planet.ubuntu.com.au?
  19 <BLAM_> I guess I could start a blog .. but what would people want to read?
  20 <elkbuntu> currently there is just yama and myself
  21 <elkbuntu> BLAM_, whatever you want us to read
  22 <elkbuntu> planets are about getting to know the community members
  23 <Kamping_Kaiser> has this been emailed to the list (comment re planet), or publicised anyware else?
  24 <elkbuntu> Kamping_Kaiser, it has been pimped in several meetings and iirc listed
  25 <Kamping_Kaiser> i dont see a 'planet' in list topics
  26 <Kamping_Kaiser> :(
  27 <elkbuntu> Kamping_Kaiser, i've mentioned it a few times in meeting summaries
  28 <bimberi> hi, i'm about but putting kids to bed.  Will bbl.
  29 <elkbuntu> Kamping_Kaiser, but, it's up to fujitsu to do the 'who wants their blog on planet.u.c.a' mail, as he's the only one who can act
  30 * bimberi doesn't blog so n/a
  31 <kingkarlos> Grra, the wiki page still aint loading!
  32 <Kamping_Kaiser> elkbuntu, planet isnt in any emails to the list (apart from discussing ubuntu mirrors), so i think we should ask fuji to do that email
  33 <Kamping_Kaiser> kingkarlos, try again, it cant be that slow
  34 <Kamping_Kaiser> kingkarlos, It is a little-known fact that we have a planet. [WWW] Planet Ubuntu-Au is not publicised anywhere, and consequently only has two members and few visitors. I have added a link to the Australian Team wiki page, but we should at least have another link on the main [WWW] ubuntu.org.au page. I was thinking of having one as a tab in the top-right corner
  35 <elkbuntu> being on the planet does not mean you need to stay on the topic of ubuntu all the time
  36 <elkbuntu> well, since nobody is really putting their hands up, i guess we action it to fujitsu who is absent
  37 <Melchiorre> elkbuntu: what are we actually actioning?
  38 <elkbuntu> Melchiorre, for fujitsu to email the ubuntu-au list asking for blogs
  39 <Kamping_Kaiser> Melchiorre, having fuji send an email pimping the planet
  40 <Melchiorre> ok
  41 <BLAM_> I will blog some stuff for planet. if there is some way of filtering anything I post at 6am when I get home from work that would be good.
  42 <elkbuntu> BLAM_, many blogs have per-tag/topic rss feeds
  43 <BLAM_> ah good idea. that should keep out some of the weirdness.
  44 <BLAM_> so planet just subscribes to a RSS feed from the blog?
  45 <elkbuntu> BLAM_, yep
  46 >ubotu< planet
  47 <BLAM_> too easy. will throw something together then.
  48 <elkbuntu> it is an aggregator, just like for insance liferea, but in the form of a webpage
  49 <elkbuntu> wordpress is a good blogging software too :)
  50 <BLAM_> my host has wordpress, will use that.
  51 <Melchiorre> can anyone see a way of getting an RSS feed to the whole planet, not just the individual bloggers? (on the Ubuntu-Au planet)
  52 <elkbuntu> Melchiorre, not with the current planet setup, it doesnt seem that way
  53 <elkbuntu> that wasnt supposed to be our final theme either
  54 <Melchiorre> good ;-)
  55 * kingkarlos has quit ("Leaving")
  56 <elkbuntu> ok... should we move to the next and final item now?
  57 * kingkarlos (n=King@ has joined #ubuntu-au
  58 <Kamping_Kaiser> 'next item' sounds less depressing
  59 <elkbuntu> Following the recent happenings regarding an Ubuntu-Au calendar, how about we make a decision as to which calendar will be the 'official' one. (google, the Frideg, or Ubuntu-Au)
  60 <Kamping_Kaiser> does the fridge/ubuntu-au export to ical?
  61 <elkbuntu> Kamping_Kaiser, fridge does... and afaik it's just a drupal thingie
  62 <Kamping_Kaiser> elkbuntu, i think something that does ical has to be offical. if .o.au does it i think it should be 'master', otherwise it should be the fridge
  63 <elkbuntu> imho, we should keep the info centralised. ubuntu-au site is where people go when they want our site
  64 <elkbuntu> Kamping_Kaiser, this unfortunately also needs fujitsu
  65 <Kamping_Kaiser> centralised was roughly my thinking too
  66 <elkbuntu> and i will be thwumping him in text when he shows up
  67 <Kamping_Kaiser> elkbuntu, yeh, i thought it might
  68 <elkbuntu> Melchiorre, BLAM_ opinions?
  69 <elkbuntu> bimberi as well, if you're back yet
  70 <BLAM_> I guess the calendar is only good if it is always current. who is responsible for keeping it updated?
  71 <elkbuntu> BLAM_, fujitsu would be able to. he's on regularly
  72 <Melchiorre> I agree it should be centralised, and don't see the benefit in using another site if the Ubuntu-au site will do it...
  73 <Kamping_Kaiser> the calendar is also only good if anyone can access it (when it gets updated) easily. hense my 'must be ical' thing
  74 <BLAM_> maybe more than one person should be able to update it. how do we find out if o.au is ical or not?
  75 <elkbuntu> Kamping_Kaiser, i'm pretty sure the fridge is ical compatible. the fridge is drupal. our website is drupal
  76 <Kamping_Kaiser> elkbuntu, nps then. 
  77 <elkbuntu> but of course this needs clarifying
  78 <lisapc> elkbuntu, what meeting?
  79 <Kamping_Kaiser> BLAM_, thats a problem we have
  80 <elkbuntu> lisapc, the one currently running
  81 <hysterio> the ubuntu-au calendar has an "add to iCalendar" link
  82 * Kamping_Kaiser visist o.au
  83 <lisapc> elkbuntu, i have no idea what u mean
  84 <hysterio> i dont have anything here to test whether it actually works though
  85 <hysterio> lisapc: we are having a meeting
  86 <hysterio> lisapc: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/AustralianTeam/Meetings
  87 <elkbuntu> hmm.. i dont recall seeing the calendar previous :-/
  88 <lisapc> hysterio, in real life?
  89 <hysterio> no, in here
  90 <lisapc> hysterio, face to face?
  91 <lisapc> ah ok
  92 <elkbuntu> lisapc, no. here now. our current discussion is a meeting
  93 <lisapc> i get it :)
  94 <lisapc> ok
  95 <Melchiorre> Seems to serve a valid Ical file, but there's nothing in the calendar to look at...
  96 <hysterio> well thats a start at least
  97 <Melchiorre> http://ubuntu.org.au/event/ for those that don't know what we're talking about
  98 <hysterio> elkbuntu: do other locos put their calendar items on the fridge one or ??
  99 <elkbuntu> hysterio, i think some do
 100 <hysterio> yeah, i see a NY LoCo event... is it possible to have our one update the fridge one? 
 101 <elkbuntu> hysterio, we will need to ask fujitsu
 102 * Hobbsee has quit ("Bye!  http://www.sabi.co.uk/Notes/linuxHelpAsk.html  and http://www.tldp.org/HOWTO/Encourage-Women-Linux-HOWTO/")
 103 <hysterio> hmm
 104 <Kamping_Kaiser> hm. i dont get served an ical file. i get a emssage 'what do you want to asociate' :(
 105 <Melchiorre> that's for the ical file Kamping_Kaiser
 106 <elkbuntu> with this link? --> webcal://ubuntu.org.au/event/ical/all/all
 107 <Kamping_Kaiser> Melchiorre, yes, but suppose you want to use a web app (ie google calendar), you cant 'just asociate'
 108 * Kamping_Kaiser investigates ggl calendar's importing
 109 <Kamping_Kaiser> elkbuntu, yeh
 110 <elkbuntu> ok... well i think we've covered this agenda item anyway. we are to try use the ubuntu.org.au calendar
 111 <hysterio> elkbuntu: yup
 112 <Kamping_Kaiser> well.... hope it becomes useful then
 113 <elkbuntu> any other items?
 114 <BLAM_> yes
 115 <elkbuntu> BLAM_, elaborate please?
 116 <BLAM_> I've just started doing a bit of translating using Rosetta for en_AU
 117 <BLAM_> how does anyone feel about collaborating on a brief en_AU style guide?
 118 <elkbuntu> BLAM_, yama is the person to talk to for this
 119 <Melchiorre> BLAM_: I don't think we have an active en_AU translation atm
 120 <elkbuntu> BLAM_, talk to yama about it, and see what he suggests
 121 <Melchiorre> instead all English translators are working on the Gabe translation so there is a complete non US translation
 122 <Melchiorre> *GB not Gabe 
 123 <Kamping_Kaiser> Melchiorre, *g*
 124 <elkbuntu> ok.... if this is all, i'll close the meeting and you can discuss further outside
 125 <bimberi> back
 126 <elkbuntu> bimberi, :(
 127 <elkbuntu> you missed it :(
 128 <lisapc> may I ask a questrion?
 129 <elkbuntu> lisapc, sure
 130 <bimberi> elkbuntu: :|
 131 <lisapc> ty
 132 <lisapc> when my laptop lid is closed, its set for ¨BLANK SCREEN¨.  Will this still keep downloads active?
 133 <BLAM_> try it and see.
 134 <elkbuntu> oh, a support q rather than a meeting q?
 135 <bimberi> I guess I'm +1 with wongy wrt a later time :)
 136 <lisapc> i can chose suspend, hypernate, blanks screen ands nothing
 137 <Melchiorre> lisapc: blank screen should just set the screensaver going and lock your session - downloads will continue 
 138 <Kamping_Kaiser> we need to talk to fuji about who has what access (for adding cal items)
 139 <elkbuntu> bimberi, yep, we were tackling day before hour
 140 <bimberi> cool
 141 <BLAM_> +1 for 9pm!
 142 <lisapc> Melchiorre, ok ty
 143 <elkbuntu> ok, if there's no new items, im going to end the meeting
 144 <Kamping_Kaiser> elkbuntu, i thought you had :) 
 145 <lisapc> Melchiorre, if I keep lid open, can LCD screens ¨burn¨?
 146 <elkbuntu> BLAM_, we cant decide that with only a handful, it needs to go via the list
 147 <elkbuntu> Kamping_Kaiser, then lisapc asked a q
 148 <Melchiorre> lisapc: no idea
 149 <elkbuntu> anyway meeting adjourned!

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