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  * Very briefly discuss the first "How to Triage" session ( Is there any interest in us as a loco team participating in the Ubuntu Global Jam? (27th - 29th August - - [[MitchTowner|Mitch Towner]]

Date, Time, Place

Australian Team meetings are held on the second Tuesday of every month, 9pm AEST in #ubuntu-au on freenode. Please add agenda items below

We use MootBot to conduct the meetings and the details of how to use this bot can be found on the MootBot wiki page.

Current Agenda

Adding Items to Agenda

You are welcome to add any items that you feel should be discussed to the agenda for the next meeting. In the interests of keeping everything neat, add them as they have been added in the March 2006 meeting: first a half line subject, followed by a short description as a sub-point of the subject, and signing it with your wikiname or IRC nick after that. For example:

  • Half line subject

Note: If your item requires discussion, please also e-mail it to the list. This will aid in keeping meetings short and discussion open.

Current Agenda for meeting 10 August 2010 9pm AEST (GMT+10)

  • Meeting chairperson - Ryan Macnish(nisshh)
  • CalDAV/WebCal server for meeting Dates
    • Do we want a calendar for everyone to add to Evolution etc. with our meeting dates? - BodenMatthews (Bodman456)

      • Food for thought - Can we adapt or at least include the current calendar on our website? - Jared Norris

  • Ubuntu Gaming Clan - Other Games
    • Just thought we should have a discussion about other games we could play (not just Urban Terror all the time) - Ryan Macnish

  • Advertising this group

Previous Meetings


13th July 2010, 1100UTC

8th June 2010, 1100UTC

17th May 2010, 1100UTC


12th May 2009, 1100UTC


13th May 2008, 1000UTC

19th Feb 2008, 1000UTC

15th Jan 2008, 1035UTC



8th May 2007, 1045UTC


24 April 2007, 1145UTC


13 March 2007, 0900UTC


12 February 2007, 0900UTC


08 January 2007, 0900UTC



18 December 2006, 0900UTC

04 December 2006, 0900UTC


No meetings held.


30 October 2006, 1000UTC

16 October 2006, 1000UTC

02 October 2006, 1000UTC


18 September 2006, 1000UTC

04 September 2006, 1000UTC


21 August 2006, 1000UTC

07 August 2006, 1000UTC


24 July 2006, 1000UTC

11 July 2006, 1000UTC


27 June 2006, 1000UTC

13 June 2006, 1000UTC


30 May 2006, 1000UTC

16 May 2006, 1000UTC

02 May 2006, 1000UTC


18 April 2006, 1000UTC

04 April 2006, 1000UTC


21 March 2006, 1000UTC


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