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Ubuntu-AU Meetings

Date, Time, Place

Australian Team meetings are held on the second Tuesday of every month, 8pm AEST in #ubuntu-au on freenode. Please add agenda items below

We use MootBot to conduct the meetings and the details of how to use this bot can be found on the MootBot wiki page.

Current Agenda

Adding Items to Agenda

You are welcome to add any items that you feel should be discussed to the agenda for the next meeting. In the interests of keeping everything neat please use the following format: first, a half line subject, followed by a short description as a sub-point of the subject, and signing it with your wikiname or IRC nick after that. For example:

  • Half line subject

Note: Please also e-mail your topic to the list so that all members (even those who can't make meetings) are aware and can contribute to the topic. This will aid in keeping meetings short and discussion open.

Current Agenda for meeting 12 April 2011 8pm AEST (GMT+10)

Note, this is 8pm QLD/NSW/ACT/VIC/TAS, 7:30pm in SA & 6pm in WA.

* Meeting chairperson - JaredNorris (head_victim)

  • Roll Call
  • Natty Narwhal Release Parties
    • It's time to start locking in times and places for the Natty Narwhal Release Parties! We need to be logging these to the loco.u.c site - please email me or contact me on IRC if you're not sure how to. It doesn't have to be fancy or highly organised, just a gathering of people who like Ubuntu to talk and share ideas - JaredNorris (head_victim)

  • Update on RTs
    • Just a brief run down of the 2 RTs submitted to Canonical this month, the Planet Ubuntu Australia & Ubuntu Australia Team website updates - JaredNorris (head_victim)

  • Any suggestions for promotional materials (posters, flyers, etc) for the Natty release? - MoLE (MoLE_)

  • Add your agenda items here!

Previous Meetings


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No meetings held.


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