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 * The [[/AustralianTeam|Ubuntu-AU Wiki]] has been cleaned up as of 12-05-10 to remove some older material no longer relevant (has been moved to [[/AustralianTeam/Archives|/Archives]] in case anyone was wondering where it has gone)

Key Details

  • Date - 18th April, 2010

  • Team Contact - Melissa Draper <>

  • Membership - 211 as of 23rd March 2010

  • Mailing List - ubuntu-au on with 337 subscribers and 4 moderators

  • IRC - #ubuntu-au on freenode for on-topic support/discussion, #ubuntu-au-chat for casual chatter

Relevant resources

Individual reports


Here you should provide a list of things you plan on doing. Include links to where these are discussed online and on mailing lists.

2011 Planned activities


  • Man Ubuntu booth at Linux.Conf.Au in Brisbane (Date TBA) -- Paul Schulz
  • Looking to organise a both together with 'Linux Australia', at the Education Expo 2011 (Adelaide and Sydney).[Work in Progress] -- Paul Schulz

2010 Planned activities


  • Software Freedom Day 2010 - Event for Adelaide - Paul Schulz
  • Would like to organise a promotion to Ubuntu to 1st Year Computer Science students at University of South Australia, Mawson Lakes Campus (again). Require 200 Ubuntu CD's. -- Paul Schulz
  • Education expo and OpenCeBIT are coming up too.


  • 2010-05-08 - Brisbane: Lucid Release

  • TBD - Adelaide: A release party is being organised, we are trying to organize a venue. we will try and work with the adelaide hacker space

  • TBD - Hobart Lucid Lynx release party

  • Some members of the team offer to send free burned copies of Ubuntu 10.04 to those requesting them following the Lucid release.

  • The Ubuntu-AU Wiki has been cleaned up as of 12-05-10 to remove some older material no longer relevant (has been moved to /Archives in case anyone was wondering where it has gone)


List here activities that the group has already done. Again provide links to online discussions, reviews, blog entries etc:






Paul meets with the Malaysian LoCo reps Brisbane release party



  • 2008-Jan - Ran demo booth at Open Day.

  • 2008-May - OpenCeBIT Sydney - Arranged a quantity of pressed discs from ShipIt for Linux Australia booth.

  • 2008-06-15 - Education Expo - Arranged a quantity of pressed discs from Shipit (incl. Edubuntu add-on) for Linux Australia booth.

  • 2008-Sept - Supplied a quantity of excess discs to the Singapore LoCo for SFD

LCA2008 Open Day Booth







  • 2006-05-1 - Paul Schulz ran a booth at Connecting Up 06

  • 2006-Sept - SFD: Melb 1000 dapper cds, Canberra 200 cds.

Ben D features in APC promoting the team



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