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Australian Team Verification Application 2013

Key Details

  • Team Name - Ubuntu Australian Team (Ubuntu-AU)

  • Application Date - 19 September, 2013

  • Team Contact - Jared Norris <>

  • Team Administration - Joel Addison, Joel Pickett & Melissa Draper

  • Membership - 211 as of 19th September 2013

  • Mailing List - ubuntu-au on with 288 subscribers and 4 moderators

  • IRC - #ubuntu-au on freenode for on-topic support/discussion, #ubuntu-au-chat for casual chatter

  • Forum - Ubuntu-AU subforum

Loco Team Portal

About Ubuntu-AU

The Ubuntu Australian Team covers all states within Australia. Due to this, most activity occurs on the mailing list and IRC channels, but several events have also been held over the past few years. We have a diverse membership group, with several enthusiastic younger members joining, including two going on to become Ubuntu Members.

Ubuntu Members

We have had four new Ubuntu Members since our last Approval, these are:

  • Joel Addison (Launchpad | Wiki)

  • Joel Pickett (Launchpad | Wiki)

  • Benjamin Donald-Wilson (Launchpad | Wiki)

  • Jackson Doak (Launchpad | Wiki)

  • There are also multiple other team members with Ubuntu Membership that are at varying stages of activity within the LoCo but also contribute in other areas or have contributed significantly in the past.

Social Media

Relevant resources

  • Local CD Distribution - - This has been run since 2006 by a dedicated LoCo member. As Australia is so sparse in population there can be significant difficulty in accessing broadband for remote users, so this site has proven valuable to all those who are unable to download their own copy.


  • Listed below are some of the events Ubuntu-AU has run over the past couple of years. For full event details, check out the Ubuntu-AU Past Events page.

  • Australian Team Photos - our team uses this flickr account to deposit photos from events that is linked to the Australian team page

  • The team has been doing reasonably well at holding Team Meetings. There isn't always a lot to discuss but we do try and make sure there is an open forum for anyone wanting to come along.

2013 Highlights

UQ information day 2013

  • Held a successful Introduction to Linux and Ubuntu evening at The University of Queensland. This was very well attended, with 53 people coming along to find out more. Feedback was very positive, with the DVDs and other merchandise given out very popular. Event Details As you can see in the photo it was so well attended there were people that couldn't fit in the room!

  • Release parties were held:
  • Further meetings and online events were held, for full details see - 2013 events page

2012 Highlights

Brisbane InstallFest 2012

  • Held an Installation Festival at Brisbane City Library. Several people came along, with many trying out Ubuntu on the day and others taking CDs home to try later. Users were able to get troubleshooting assistance on their devices as well as general installation assistance. A good time was had by all and will hopefully be repeated soon - details available at the Team'sEvent Details

Sydney Releast Party 2012

2014 Planned Activities

  • Hold another Introduction to Ubuntu day at The University of Queensland, around August 2014.
  • Complete the English (Australian) translations of Ubuntu 14.04, as it is an LTS release.


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