When changing the kernel, the modules don't get recompiled automatically. This is annoying but can be changed quite easily : When source modules are in charge of an assistant (e.g. module-assistant) , it already works quite well. The only thing to do is to launch the assistant automatically when doing anything that relates to the kernel.


* Fred has an nVidia card. He followed some blog and installed the latest nvidia drivers (He likes to tweak things actually). Then he changed his kernel because he likes to be up to date (Gosh! It's a new update!). A week later, he reboots and there's no X anymore. He tries a few things but he's no linux guru so he becomes upset, throws a stone into the screen and installs a Mandriva.

* Piotr uses AFS (which requires openafs-module) at his lab. He's happy to see that module-assistant makes it easy to compile the module, and says to all his friends :"ubuntu is really easier than gentoo !". Then, after some time and a kernel update, nothing works and he must think about doing it all again.

* Fred now has a Mandriva and also uses AFS at the lab. When updating the kernel, he can jeer loudly at Piotr because his Mandriva does it out of the box.


This is like Mandriva's concept of DKMS. Just look at it to get some more nice ideas. I would really like such a concept because it makes it easy to include non-supported modules into an official kernel. -- BernhardGruen 2006-07-13 17:30:52

Dell developed DKMS. We've been pleased to see Mandriva using it so extensively, and for the patches they've contributed back. is Dell's request for including DKMS into Ubuntu somewhere. MainInclusionReportDKMS is Dell's request for including DKMS into main. -- MattDomsch 2007-08-30 12:43:00

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