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FAUmachine is a virtual machine for i386 and amd64, with a framework which allows elaborate automatic tests (e.g. installer tests) to be conducted. It can be used to conduct many of the test-cases listed on Testing with a minimal administrative overhead.

Release Note

Having widespread testing ready will reduce the chances of regressions.


Checking for regressions during the development cycle by hand is a burdensome task. Hence performing these tasks automatically seems a plausible goal.

Use Cases

Release manager Andrea wants to know which regressions have been introduced during the development cycle of Ubuntu. Thus, she looks up the web-page containing the results of the most recent automated test run, which shows that 9 of 10 tests have succeeded. She looks at the failed and sees a screenshot of what went wrong.




  • The test cases listed at Testing need to be analyzed if these can be automated.

  • Experiment scripts for the applicable test-cases need to be written in the first place.
  • Some framework needs to be written to present the results of different test runs.
  • Ideally, these tests are run regularly, picking up the latest alpha/beta/daily images from the development version.
  • Over time, some test cases need to be modified (e.g. adapted to UI changes of the installer), but this should be a fairly easy task (merely replacing a screenshot or a string in the test-script).

Outstanding Issues

BoF agenda and discussion

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