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My full name is Andrew Walton, however online I will almost always go by "awalton", and I'm much more likely to respond in person to "Walton" than "Andrew" unless you are an immediate family member. I'm a Ubuntu/GNOME hacker from Kentucky, USA. Computer Science and Engineering student formerly of University of Louisville, tentatively to be of University of Kentucky (as I've stated in many places recently: "Never let schooling get in the way of your education" -Twain). User of Ubuntu since Warty, previously involved in the non-starter UserLinux (we lost to Ubuntu, badly Wink ;) ), decided it was time to give back to the Ubuntu community I've taken from and do my part here.

Currently, I'm learning the GNOME platform from the bottom up. It's a long process of dealing with a lot of old code, but I'm learning a lot and enjoying it on most days.

  • Ubuntu Helped document a significant portion of GIO

    Ubuntu Implemented gvfsd-network in GVFS, general GLib-GIO/GVFS/Nautilus bug hunting both on Launchpad and upstream Bugzilla.

    Ubuntu Active Member of the Ubuntu Kentucky LoCo and Bluegrass Linux User Group.

    Ubuntu Member of the GNOME Foundation.

If you have any questions on GIO/GVFS, please contact me, I'd be more than willing to help explain. E-Mail is probably best, but you can catch me on IRC during afternoon EST hours.

Future plans for Ubuntu: the immediate future would be converting more of my immediate family and friends to Ubuntu-addicts. As I mostly work upstream with GNOME, most of my work to help Ubuntu is secondary, however significant. Many of the bugs I work on and intend to work on in the future are long-standing and significantly impact the users of Ubuntu on a daily basis. In the medium term, I would like to become a member of the Ubuntu Desktop team and work on better integrating the software I work on with Ubuntu. In the long-term, I'm building towards a job at an open-source company such as Canonical or Red Hat so that I can continue to work on the software I love, and continuing to give back to the community.

Triaged Bugs: 206194, 232522, 198154 Please note that I'm better at solving bugs than triaging them, so forgive the spartan nature of these. If you need any more information on bugs I've triaged, please see my Launchpad page, or my GNOME Bugzilla user page.


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