Hmmm.. This looks like a user page to me.

Having just recently fled from Gentoo, I find myself in the land of Kubuntu.

I shall begin with a list of

Things I think should work, but aren't

  • 2006.10.8 Longstanding issue with kmail, cannot create inline links when composing messages. not sure where to report this.
  • 2006.10.8 another Longstanding issue with kmail, italics do not work with the default font "DejaVu Sans", or sometimes they work, and other times they do very strange things. Choosing arial instead fixes this

  • Why can I not sort by type in kfiledialog? (still nothing 2006.10.8. Been playing with pyQT4 and see that qt4s file dialogs allow you to sort by type. Hopefully this will but implemented in KDE4.
  • Way too many fonts show up in OpenOffice. Need to figure out how to disable/hide some (update 2006.10.8 not delete mind you, just hide from OO. still not sure.)

  • OO impress is LAME. There is no simple way to add progressive revelation to your bullets (update 2006.10.8 OO impress *still* lame. Not seeing much hope on this one. Too bad that koffice is *not usefull and all* due to poor kerning. QT4 will fix everthing they say.)

Problems I have fixed

  • Gstreamer sounds terrible, maybe I should get arts back got arts back, gstreamer works now though, don't know why

  • FreeNX quit working! New packages here:

  • Video plays, but is choppy. Trying video off local HD continues stoping and then trying to catch up. Sound is constant. Gentoo did not do this. MEPIS did do this while running an older version of Kompose, but Kubuntu still does it after Kompose is turned off'Fixed in breezy

  • Festival won't talk to me (and there is no kde-accesiblity package) sources issue

  • FreeNX May help for freenx

  • Get really cool app the made taskbar apps clear (taskbarV2) kde-look

  • Hot keys should work (www, mail on keyboard) set kb type in kcontrol

  • amorak and superkaramba should always run, but other applications should not start again when I start KDE save session

  • Setup old x config that did not have ghosting auto adjust moniter to that crazy X login background

  • Kompose got from universe

Things I would like see, but haven't seen yet

  • A list of the most wanted feature in ubuntu (or most wanted packages) like kde has.

  • I miss a little bit. Maybe I will get over that

  • Are there 'talk' pages here? I sure don't see any. How are you supposed to ask a question about the content of a page? May have to find a different wiki. Miss mediawiki a _lot_

Questions I have

Status of sending notification mails:
[en] DanielHolbach, AndrewMitchell: Mail sent OK

who are these people, and why does it say I'm sending them mail every time I save a new version of this page. I feel sorry for them.

<rant>why is this wiki on moinmoin?? It takes powers away from me I once had! Like make text link when I wanted to, and not just having it link everytime I wrote a word in CamelCase! And no strikethrough! Ever! Talk pages nothing more than a hack added to the url? How will anyone know I am talking to them? The are no clicken buttons for talkin'! Wikitax here does not allow different sizes or colors of fonts, and selectivly ignores my italics tags. Why must it be so gnomish?</rant>

Answers from CoreyBurger2

  • I hope Inkscape .42 makes breezy. I am pushing for it
  • talk pages are PageName/talk
  • IdeaPool is for ideas for Ubuntu

  • Koffice is in Breezy
  • DanielHolbach and AndrewMitchell are subscribed to the whole wiki, and those all wiki changes get emailed to them.

Wow! I just put this up a few minutes ago and you are already answering my questions. Thank you, you shall be my friend. I mostly put this page up for my own reference, I wasn't expecting any answers yet. But I shall probably be asking you some other questions soon. -Axiom (Still must fiqure out the crazy wikitax they use around here...)

Favorite pages so far

Cool Commands

  • cat .bash_history | grep eth0

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