• Ayrton is a nice and open minded guy. He is always pushing people up, organizing the meetings and talking about free software. His future is promising Smile :) -- RodrigoBelem

  • I have seen a lot of efforts from Ayrton to do translations, documentations and online events, I support him. Andre Gondim and LP AndrĂ© Gondim

  • I believe that words can not define good actions, attitudes, dedication, commitment and companionship of AyrtonAraujo users and members of the Ubuntu. People like AyrtonAraujo are rarely found and give thanks to have found him, which had the greatest patience and gentiliza to explain the tools and the Ubuntu universe. I'm not the greatest support for membership AyrtonAraujo official Ubuntu, but also trust that it will perform with excellence activities and functions. - Sincerely, Gustavo Brandao

  • Ayrton friend is a person who is always willing to share information and an advocate of Ubuntu in their community. I support the member for Ayrton. Zandre Bran

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