Ubuntu and I

I started using Ubuntu in 2008 with Hardy Heron after trying to compile Beryl on Debian when I should have been installing compiz packages. It all started out with trying to install Solaris (because they were giving it out for free! What a good deal, right?), which didn't successfully install (probably something to do with bad CD-Rs). Then I somehow stumbled upon (why, oh why, couldn't I have stumbled upon distrowatch?) and at their recommendation, I tried Koppix and Debian. I swiched to Ubuntu in 2008 with Hardy Heron after trying to compile Beryl on Debian. I found a tutorial on Ubuntu forums about how easy compiz was on Hardy and I gave it a try. Since then, I have abandoned and lost (almost) any need for Windows. I occasionally try Debian to see how it is and occasionally try other free as in beer OS's. (As of 2011-07-25, I trying FreeBSD. It's similarity to Linux has lead me to believe there are two main types of OSes. One group has Linux, BSD, and MAC (since it's based on DarwinBSD). The other group is Windows which is the oddball.)


I like to use the username "Azendale", but I used to use the username "Software Explorer". I picked the username "Azendale" because I like the Z sound and I couldn't find any results on Google at the time. Normally, whatever username I would make up would start with Z, but I couldn't think of anything that sounded nice, and anyways, an A starting puts it towards the start of lists.

IRL, I'm Erik B. Andersen, and live in Baker, Oregon, 97814.

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