Ubuntu Bangladesh - The "Deshi" Local Community Team

Our Goals

  • To have Ubuntu users, developers, translators, and volunteers come together
  • To help new users get starting by assisting information and technical support
  • To promote Ubuntu for companies and home users
  • To provide support to all educational sectors
  • To organize events
  • To organize and participate in projects
  • To represent Ubuntu in all major FOSS events in Bangladesh
  • To do presentations and courses
  • To interact closely with international Ubuntu community

Joining Ubuntu Bangladesh (Ubuntu-BD)

Are you a Ubuntu user, developer, translator, or a volunteer? Do you want want to meet other Ubunteros in Bangladesh who believes in the spirit of Ubuntu? If yes, then join us. Joining the Ubuntu-BD team is easy:

  1. Login to your Launchpad account and join Ubuntu Bangladesh.

  2. Join the official Ubuntu mailing list for Bangladesh.

Done, you are now a Ubuntu-BD member!


  • Migrating to Linux: An Introduction to Open Source Tools
    • o June 15, 2006 at North South University, Dhaka (Photos)

  • Ubuntu Linux for Home Users
    • o April 8, 2007 at East West University, Dhaka (Photos)

  • Ubuntu Hardy Heron Release Party
    • o May 17, 2009 at Hunger Project - Bangladesh, Dhaka
  • Ubuntu Intrepid Ibex Live
    • o October 21, 2008 at Presidency University, Dhaka (Photos)

  • Ubuntu Jaunty Jackalope Live
    • o May 29, 2009 at Presidency University, Dhaka (Photos)

  • Ubuntu Karmic Koala Release Party
    • o November 21, 2009 at IBAIS University, Dhaka (Photos)

Latest Events

Upcoming Events

Trade Shows / Festivals

BCS Computer Show 2006

Ubuntu Bangladesh participated at BCS Computer Show 2006, which was held between Semptember 17, 2006 to September 23, 2006. Organised by the Goverment of Bangladesh's Ministry of Science and Information and Communication Technology and Bangladesh Computer Samity, this year's fair had 85 stalls and 26 pavilions exhibiting new cutting edge computer technologies. On Ubuntu-BD's 300 sqaure feet pavilion, 1178 school-going students were taught how to use Edubuntu Linux. 9000+ leaflets were distributed between visitors which had detailed information on Ubuntu, Kubuntu and Edubuntu. 250 Ubuntu CDs and 150 Edubuntu CDs were also distributed. (Photos)


Questions, queries, suggestions? Let us know:

Shahriar Tariq, Team Leader <>

Shabab Mustafa, Liaison Officer <>


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