About me

My name is Roman Azarenko, on the Internet I'm most widely known as BasicXP. I'm here to make Ubuntu a better system. I contribute to different projects by translating them, finding bugs and generating some ideas on improvements and new features. I'm also glad to help other people if they encounter any problems with Linux or computers in general.

Summary of contributions to Ubuntu

My ways to contribute to Ubuntu-based systems:

Current focus

My current focus is the translations. I'm working hard to improve my language knowledge further in order to make my translations more accurate and simply better.

Plans for the future

Contacts and links

Personal website:

Launchpad: ~basicxp

Wikipedia: BasicXP at English Wikipedia

E-mail: basicxp [at] ubuntu [dot] com

Skype: basicxp

Google Talk:

IRC: BasicXP at Freenode, Rusnet


  • BasicXP helped us mostly during meetings to shape our internal tasks and processes. He helped a lot with translation bugs, accepting them via email from our testing community. He made some transltations in rosetta. Currently we are talking about further activity, because he wants to help more. -- dmitry-agafonov 2010-06-04 12:16:09

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