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The Ubuntu Beginners Team exists to enhance the initial experience of new Ubuntu users and to guide existing Ubuntu users to become part of the global Ubuntu community. The Beginners Team helps you get involved in the wonderful world of the Ubuntu Community. Whether you are a non-technical user or a power user the Ubuntu Community has a place where you can contribute and make a difference in Ubuntu. You can find out more by using the header section at the top of this page.

Getting Started

We have an open team and anyone can join. Whether you are interested in helping others get involved in the community or you are interested in learning more about contributing to the community this is the place for you. You can Join now and start learning, contributing, making friends, and having fun.

If you are interested in getting help with your computer try our IRC channel #ubuntu-beginners. Or if you want to help others, that is the channel for you.

If you want advice on joining the different areas of the community please join our IRC channel #ubuntu-beginners-team. We can help guide you to one of the many places that helps in keeping Ubuntu going. There is a Documentation team for people wanting to help with writing wiki pages and system docs. A Bug Squad for people looking to help triage bugs and help developers get better bug reports. There is MOTU, a place where users work to maintain the many packages in Ubuntu that we all use. There is so, so, much more. Without volunteers like you, Ubuntu would not be the great platform it is today. I want to encourage you to come by and see if there is a place for you in the community.


IRC is a great way for a global team, like the Beginners Team, to communicate. In our different channels we take care of team business, help users, or just get to know each other better. Please read BeginnersTeam/IRC for channel guidelines.

BT Channels on freenode network



This channel Is for providing users support with their Ubuntu and software issues


The channel for team discussions and questions about the community

If you do not have an IRC Client or are brand new to IRC you can quickly and easily sign on to our team channel here.

Current Happenings

  • The team is now open to all. If you are interested in learning about the community or teaching others about the community please join us.
  • Know why we are here, read the Mission Statement!

  • New members can introduce yourselves on our mailing list.

  • Raise awareness of the community docs on the forums by using links! See the following subsection for details:

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