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This team is now deprecated. Official announcement about the team's closure can be found here.

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About Us

The development team is here to help beginning Ubuntu developers learn to become active contributors to the Ubuntu Community as developers. The development team welcomes any skill level from those who are just starting out to seasoned developers.

There are a variety of ways a developer can contribute to the Ubuntu Community as well as many resources available for developers to learn available on the Internet. The developers team will act as a gateway and guide to those efforts and resources as well as providing further resources developers might find helpful.

Two up front skills that will be key initial skills needed by any developer are the ability to use Version Control Systems (VCS) (see the Subversion (svn) and Bazaar (bzr) page for details) and Debian/Ubuntu packaging (see the MOTU Complete Packaging Guide for details).

Our IRC channel is #ubuntu-beginners-dev on Freenode ( Our Launchpad project is located here. All members are requested to subscribe to our mailing list, which is also on our Launchpad page.


  • Educate beginning Ubuntu developers of all skill levels on Ubuntu Development
  • Help members work towards membership in Developer oriented teams in the community.
  • Provide a gateway to and guidance through the various Ubuntu Community developer resources
  • Provide additional resources to help beginning Ubuntu developers successfully contribute

Suggested Next Steps

  • Your first stop should be to check out our Developer Opportunities Wiki page. This Wiki gives an overview of the various developer opportunities available in the Ubuntu Community and provides links for further reading: (*wiki page link to be provided here).
  • Your next stop should be the our Beginning Developer Resource Guide. This Wiki provides systematic guidance (along with links) on how to best utilize the various Ubuntu Developer Community learning resources to come up to speed as an Ubuntu Developer. You will not only learn about specific skills needed to contribute, but about how the process of becoming a contributing Ubuntu member works. This includes links to our developer team resources: (*Wiki page link to be provided)
  • Finally, we offer specific guidance on initial hands-on tasks you may wish to take on to learn necessary skills and become a productive Ubuntu developer. This Wiki includes suggestions like doing easy bug fixes, getting experience in packaging through the MOTU team and how to get involved with specific projects (including specific projects the developer team members are working on which are open to beginners): (* Wiki page link to be provided)


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