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IconsPage/32pixel/32crystalpeople.png Instructors are people who are actively offering courses through the Education Focus Group. The people have volunteered their time to provide training to Ubuntu users on a broad range of topics.

Instructors can use any of the following to deliver content:

  • IRC
  • Wiki Pages
  • Forum Posts

The Education Focus Group is always looking for instructors. If you are interested in being an instructor please contact PrivateVoid:

  • IRC - ##beginners-education on
  • Ubuntu Forums - PrivateVoid Member #257622

Current Requests from Ubuntu users

The Ubuntu Forums Beginners Team has a thread in which we called for Ubuntu users to tell us what they were looking for in courses. The topics below are the ones that there are no current instructors for.

course requests

Local Area Networking

IconsPage/32pixel/32books.png IconsPage/32pixel/32linuxhw.png

Setting up and using Squid


How to Select Compatible Hardware

IconsPage/32pixel/32books.png IconsPage/32pixel/32linuxhw.png

Top Terminal Commands

IconsPage/32pixel/32books.png IconsPage/32pixel/32chat.png

Introduction to Ubuntu Config Files

IconsPage/32pixel/32books.png IconsPage/32pixel/32linuxhw.png

Making the Transition from Windows

IconsPage/32pixel/32books.png IconsPage/32pixel/32chat.png IconsPage/32pixel/32linuxhw.png

How to Install Software Not in the Repositories

IconsPage/32pixel/32books.png IconsPage/32pixel/32linuxhw.png IconsPage/32pixel/32chat.png

How to File a Bug


How to get Sound to Work

IconsPage/32pixel/32books.png IconsPage/32pixel/32linuxhw.png

Remote Access

IconsPage/32pixel/32books.png IconsPage/32pixel/32linuxhw.png

Current Instructors

This is a list of the active instructors

active instructors





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