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This page is a repository of links to useful information and tutorials. The links presented are broken up in to four categories and will include Ubuntu Forum resources, Ubuntu Wiki Resources and external resources. While this wiki page is maintained by the Education Focus group it is a product of the community for the community and you should feel free to modify it. If you know of a good resource please add it. If a resource has become out-of-date or the link is dead please feel free to remove the link.

If you would like to request a resource please do so in this thread on the Ubuntu forums.

IRC - Many of the lessons/courses that will be run by the Education Focus Group will take place on IRC. For those that haven't used irc before there are a few wiki pages available. Pidgin is installed by default in Ubuntu and Xubuntu for Kubuntu there is Konversation, in addition there are many different irc clients available, including clients to use in a terminal, but an easy to use GUI application is xchat. These links give some information on Pidgin and Konversation,there is a wiki page for Xchat and finally a thread which should help you to reach the irc classroom, there is a reference in the thread to a java applet available from the classroom wiki page.

Virtual terminal - Some of the sessions will make use of a virtual shared terminal


IconsPage/32pixel/32linuxhw.png IconsPage/32pixel/32term.png Command Line: Package Management
IconsPage/32pixel/32books.png IconsPage/32pixel/32term.png Ubuntu Command-Line Cheat Sheet
IconsPage/32pixel/32books.png Alternative Applications
IconsPage/32pixel/32linuxhw.png IconsPage/32pixel/32books.png IconsPage/32pixel/32term.png Root Sudo Article by Michael Godawski
IconsPage/32pixel/32books.png IconsPage/32pixel/32term.png Stickies, Nano, Meta-Packages by Michael Godawski
IconsPage/32pixel/32books.pngIconsPage/32pixel/32term.pngBash Scripting for Beginners


IconsPage/32pixel/32linuxhw.png IconsPage/32pixel/32neotux.png Squid and SquidGuard
IconsPage/32pixel/32books.png Linux Log Files
IconsPage/32pixel/32books.png Drives and Partitions
IconsPage/32pixel/32books.png IconsPage/32pixel/32term.png How to Partition with gparted and Partition with fdisk
IconsPage/32pixel/32linuxhw.png IconsPage/32pixel/32books.png IconsPage/32pixel/32term.png SSH
IconsPage/32pixel/32linuxhw.png IconsPage/32pixel/32books.png how to fill out a bug report
IconsPage/32pixel/32linuxhw.png IconsPage/32pixel/32books.png IconsPage/32pixel/32term.png How to Fstab and Bodhi Zazen's Fstab page
IconsPage/32pixel/32linuxhw.png IconsPage/32pixel/32books.png IconsPage/32pixel/32term.png File Permissions, chmod and chown


IconsPage/32pixel/32linuxhw.png IconsPage/32pixel/32books.png IconsPage/32pixel/32neotux.png IconsPage/32pixel/32term.png Folder Encryption
IconsPage/32pixel/32linuxhw.png IconsPage/32pixel/32books.png IconsPage/32pixel/32term.png Compiling your own software
IconsPage/32pixel/32linuxhw.png IconsPage/32pixel/32books.png IconsPage/32pixel/32term.png Virtualization using VirtualBox


IconsPage/32pixel/32linuxhw.png IconsPage/32pixel/32books.png IconsPage/32pixel/32neotux.png IconsPage/32pixel/32term.png Advanced SSH
IconsPage/32pixel/32linuxhw.png IconsPage/32pixel/32books.png IconsPage/32pixel/32neotux.png IconsPage/32pixel/32term.png Full Disk Encryption


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