What is 5-A-Day?

Put simply, 5-a-day is a great approach to making our list of bugs more manageable by sharing the workload. This is inspired by the philosophy that eating 5 portions of fruit/vegetables keeps you healthy...well, working on 5 bugs a day keeps Ubuntu healthy.

So the idea is simple - let's get every Ubuntu enthusiast working on 5 bugs a day - everyone can take part, no matter whether you are a developer or not. Let's work together and make some real progress!

...and, to make it fun, we have produced some tools and rankings to make those 5 bugs count. Making Ubuntu better and having fun...we like it. Smile :)

BT 5-A-Day competition

The Launchpad Focus Group would like to encourage everyone to get there 5-a-day. Ubuntu will be much healthier for it, and you will feel good doing it. The Launchpad Focus Group has started a 5-A-Day Competition. We will be competing to see who can achieve the greatest number of days in a row where a participant achieves their 5-a-day.

Get Started

  1. Join the 5-A-Day Participants team!

    • your e-mail address must not be hidden from other Launchpad users for you to receive credit
  2. Done! Check out http://qa.ubuntu.com/reports/five-a-day/ to see how you're doing.

  3. If you haven't helped out with bugs before you might want to take a look at Bugs/HowToTriage or ask the nice people on #ubuntu-bugs on irc.freenode.net.

How it will work

If you look on the 5-A-Day Stats Page you will see a section 'Participants currently on a 5-a-day streak'. This is where your continuous achievement of 5-A-Day will be tracked. Your name will drop off the list if you go a day without achieving your 5-A-Day. So what we will do is have everyone take a screenshot of their achievement. Please be aware the 'Day' in 5-A-Day is GMT time. I would like to come up with a script that scrapes the stats page daily so participants wont have to do screenshots. If you would like to help put together something like that let me know.


Every month we will award an Alderaanian Medal of Freedom to the team member who does an exceptional job that month. This medal will allow you bragging rights for an entire month as well as all the prestige and glamour such a high honour bestows. Once a month a winner will be declared from the submitted screnshots.

Round One

We will officially start 00:00 GMT March 10, 2010. Please have your best numbers screenshot emailed to me by 00:00 GMT April 11, 2010

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