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All meetings are held in our irc channel - '''##beginners-launchpad''' on '''''' All meetings are held in our irc channel - '''#ubuntu-beginners-launchpad''' on ''''''
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|| [[nhandler]] || Regular Meetings ||
|| [[nhandler]] || Areas of Interest ||
|| [[nhandler]] || Mentors ||
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 * I would like to create a regular meeting schedule for the Focus Group. Depending on the Time Zones, we could alternate meeting times to try and allow everyone to participate. -- [[LaunchpadHome:nhandler]] <<DateTime(2009-03-08T12:00:58-0600)>>
 * Launchpad is a lot more than Bug Management. We need to decide what areas of Launchpad we are interested in contributing to. -- [[LaunchpadHome:nhandler]] <<DateTime(2009-03-08T12:00:58-0600)>>
 * Many people, including several team members, do not know how to use all of the features of Launchpad. I would like to get some mentors for each of the various sections. These mentors would help educate users on their respective sections. I would also like to see these mentors work with the Education Focus Group to hold classroom sessions. -- [[LaunchpadHome:nhandler]] <<DateTime(2009-03-08T12:00:58-0600)>>
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Archives (reverse chronological):

=== 2009 ===
=== Meeting Logs ===
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|| March 11, 2009 || [[BeginnersTeam/Meetings/LaunchpadFG/20090311]] ||

This team is now deprecated. Official announcement about the team's closure can be found here.

Team Meetings

All meetings are held in our irc channel - #ubuntu-beginners-launchpad on

Meetings are posted on Google Calendar. Click here to subscribe.

  • Google calendar will convert the time for you automatically Smile :)


If you know that you will definitely be unable to attend the next meeting, please put your name in the table below



General Agenda Items and Proposals




Agenda discussion

Meeting Logs


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