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= Some Basic Advice = = Points to include in finished page =
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 *Respect and observe the Ubuntu Code of Conduct.  *Respect and observe the [[https://launchpad.net/codeofconduct/1.0.1| Ubuntu Code of Conduct]]
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 *As in other environments, it is wise to "listen" first to get to know the culture of the group.

 *Don't badger other users for personal information such as sex, age, or location. After you have built an acquaintance with another user, these questions may be more appropriate, but many people hesitate to give this information to people with whom they are not familiar.

 *It's not necessary to greet everyone on a channel or room personally. Usually one "Hello" or the equivalent is enough. Using the automation features of your client to greet people is not acceptable behavior.

 *If another user is using a nickname alias or pseudonym, respect that user's desire for anonymity. Even if you and that person are close friends, it is more courteous to use their nickname. Do not use that person's real name online without permission.

 *Remember that the people you interact with are human beings whose culture, language, and humor have different points of reference from your own. Remember that date formats, measurements, and idioms may not travel well. Be especially careful with sarcasm, infact try to avoid it.

 *Use smiley's to indicate tone of voice, but use them sparingly. Don't assume that the inclusion of a smiley will make the recipient happy with what you say or wipe out an otherwise insulting comment.

 *While it has its place do not use text speak in normal conversation all of the time. lol is okay, but ppl shldnt b tlkng lik dis all t3h time.

This team is now deprecated. Official announcement about the team's closure can be found here.

About Us

This team aims to help integrate young Ubuntu users into the community. We are here to help encourage polite friendly user interaction.




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Points to include in finished page


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