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General Agenda Items and Proposals


This means:

  1. If there is an issue for the team, add it to the agenda.
  2. Besides voting on new members, there will be no voting at these meetings. The Beginners Team Council will review all discussions and will vote on issues once they are ready to be voted on.




Focus Group wiki pages

Agenda discussion


   1 <MootBot> Meeting started at 18:02. The chair is duanedesign.
   2 <MootBot> Commands Available: [TOPIC], [IDEA], [ACTION], [AGREED], [LINK], [VOTE]
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   5 <duanedesign> [TOPIC] Review List Of Prospective Members In Need Of Mentor.
   6 <MootBot> New Topic:  Review List Of Prospective Members In Need Of Mentor.
   7 <duanedesign> we have 6 people on the prospective list looking for mentors
   8 <duanedesign> i cleaned this out recently... there are still a couple i have not seen in awhile
   9 <nhandler> duanedesign: You are skipping your agenda item? https://wiki.ubuntu.com/BeginnersTeam/Meetings
  10 <duanedesign> nhandler: i was going to do it last
  11 <nhandler> Ok
  12 <duanedesign> or at least  after a few items. In hopes some peps might show up
  13 <duanedesign> peeps*
  14 <duanedesign> :P
  15 <duanedesign> Nu2boonage is one on the list i have seenn around a lot
  16 <duanedesign> so we should at least try and make a point to get them a mentor
  17 <PabloRubianes> I think I can have on Prospect 
  18 <PabloRubianes> as mine is having some pesonal issues with life and little time, I can help other 
  19 <nhandler> Great PabloRubianes.
  20 <duanedesign> sounds good.
  21 <duanedesign> We also need to clean up that master list
  22 <nhandler> PabloRubianes: Can you inform him about this and update the wiki list?
  23 <PabloRubianes> I will talk to him, if he wants me as tutor :P
  24 <duanedesign> [ACTION] pablorubianes to mentor nUboon2Age
  25 <MootBot> ACTION received:  pablorubianes to mentor nUboon2Age
  26 <duanedesign> we should make an attempt to see if those people on the list are still around
  27 <duanedesign> if you see any of them around please make note of it so we can determine who is still around and in need of a mentor
  28 <duanedesign> doews anyone here have a prospect?
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  30 <duanedesign> PabloRubianes: you already told us yours was having an issue
  31 <duanedesign> i do :)
  32 <PabloRubianes> not an issue, more like wife pregnant and little time
  33 <duanedesign> malev and km0r3 are doing great
  34 <duanedesign> PabloRubianes: that will do it
  35 <duanedesign> :)
  36 <duanedesign> i would love to try and get km0r3 and malev to be voted on soon
  37 <PabloRubianes> they are cool people!
  38 <duanedesign> they have shown great commitment over the last several months
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  40 <duanedesign> shredder12 is another prospect i have. He has also been a prospect for awhile
  41 <duanedesign> so if you have a chance get to know  them as I would like to vote on them soon
  42 <nhandler> I have been doing some work with phillw for a while now.
  43 <duanedesign> phillw does ggreat work in #ubuntu-beginners
  44 <nhandler> He has also been doing some good work in the greater community
  45 <duanedesign> thats great
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  47 <duanedesign> hello nUboon2Age
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  49 <nUboon2Age> phillw: lots of work on promoting lubuntu
  50 <nUboon2Age> duanedesign: hey duanedesign
  51 <duanedesign> we were just talking about you :) all good of course
  52 <nUboon2Age> :)
  53 <duanedesign> nUboon2Age: i think PabloRubianes is going to talk to you after the meeting about being your mentor
  54 <PabloRubianes> I already did
  55 <nUboon2Age> PabloRubianes just came and 'got' me. :)
  56 <duanedesign> well great!
  57 <duanedesign> ok
  58 <duanedesign> [TOPIC] Focus Group wiki pages
  59 <MootBot> New Topic:  Focus Group wiki pages
  60 <duanedesign> i sent an email out last month outlining some focus group goals, Tasks and trying to get the mission of the Focus groups figured out
  61 <duanedesign> or at least get the mission in writing so everyone understands what it is we are doing in each group
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  63 <duanedesign> the Tasks are to be items people can reference when they want to do something for that Focus Ggroup
  64 <duanedesign> i get asked a lot I am interested in * FG what cann I do
  65 <duanedesign> so we have a list, and that list will also be a roadmap for that person to become better educated about that area of the community
  66 <duanedesign> also our Focus Groups need to work harder at getting our members establisheed in the broader community
  67 <duanedesign> if you are in the wikiFG you should be working towards 'wiki admin group'
  68 <duanedesign> launchpadFG --> Bug Control
  69 <duanedesign> Dev --> MOTU
  70 <duanedesign> etc, etc
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  72 <nhandler> Well, working towards those teams is less important than working with them imo
  73 <duanedesign> so we have a rough outline in the email i sent out. We need to take that and  put it into our Focus Group wiki pages
  74 <duanedesign> nhandler: that is a valid point
  75 <duanedesign> if you work with them the other will come as a natural progression
  76 <duanedesign> i think the Focus Group pages should follow a more uniform outline
  77 <duanedesign> they should all generally want to convey the same information. There willl be variation, but for the most part they should be similar
  78 <duanedesign> i think this will help make info easier to find and help insure each FG covers all its bases on their wiki page
  79 <nhandler> duanedesign: Do you think it would help if we made a generic template?
  80 <duanedesign> nhandler: that is a good idea.
  81 <PabloRubianes> they (pages) should have info in order people get into the FGs in the propper way...
  82 <nhandler> Might be a good task for the wiki fg
  83 <duanedesign> the wiki FG page is pretty good
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  85 <duanedesign> i added a little 'header' at the top of each page. With info about each team. Email, IRC channel, etc.
  86 <duanedesign> someone suggesed having the lead in that group of info...
  87 <duanedesign> https://wiki.ubuntu.com/BeginnersTeam/FocusGroups/Wiki
  88 <duanedesign> example^
  89 <nUboon2Age> note: i didn't even know about the idea of FG's until Zach explained it to me.  there was little information about it on the wikis.  i like the idea of creating more obvious paths for people to move through to become more involved with the community.
  90 <duanedesign> nUboon2Age: that is a good point.
  91 <PabloRubianes> one thing is not importan the email, as we only have one ML 
  92 <PabloRubianes> important*
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  94 <PabloRubianes> and the Wiki FG wiki is really helpfull
  95 <duanedesign> we have this page   https://wiki.ubuntu.com/BeginnersTeam/FocusGroups
  96 <duanedesign> maybe incorporate some of that into the main page?
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  98 <duanedesign> the little table with the 'if you are interested in X see Y'
  99 <duanedesign> PabloRubianes: good point about  email
 100 <duanedesign> I will email the list and try and get some volunteers to work on the wiki
 101 <duanedesign> and talk with swoody about the wiki FG helping
 102 <duanedesign> [ACTION] duanedesign email BTML about focus group wiki page reworking
 103 <MootBot> ACTION received:  duanedesign email BTML about focus group wiki page reworking
 104 <duanedesign> [IDEA] make a template for focus group pages to follow
 105 <MootBot> IDEA received:  make a template for focus group pages to follow
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 107 <duanedesign> i dont think we have anyone to vote on?
 108 <PabloRubianes> i don't think so
 109 <nUboon2Age> to amend what i said before about having more obvious paths to move through to get more involved w/ community, i agree with nhandler that it seems to me more important to work with a team rather than be a part of one.
 110 <duanedesign> nUboon2Age: do you think adding the table that is on the Focus Group page to the mainpage would help?
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 112 <nUboon2Age> since people's participation waxes and wanes, and not everyone is a 'joiner', but everyone can appreciate having some structured paths, and expectation setting.
 113 <duanedesign> definetly.
 114 <duanedesign> I think getting the 'structured path' a little more organized for each Focus group would help alot
 115 <nUboon2Age> duanedesign: adding it to which main page?
 116 <nUboon2Age> oh probably you mean the BT main page.
 117 <duanedesign> the beginners team main page
 118 <duanedesign> :)
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 120 <duanedesign> there was talk of redoing this page at UDS and the BT possibly helping with that. http://www.ubuntu.com/community
 121 <nhandler> duanedesign: cjohnston was working on that iirc
 122 <duanedesign> however that currently IMHO is beyond our resources at the moment. Would be nice to work towards having the momentum and manpower to do something like that
 123 <duanedesign> nhandler: yes, he was.
 124 <duanedesign> ok
 125 <duanedesign> any volunteers to do post meeting tasks?
 126 <nUboon2Age> duanedesign: looking at the main bt page again for the first time in a bit its definately shaping up.  I like the friendly focus group buttons from the other page, so that might work.  having just seen them for the first time i don't have a definite response. ;)
 127 * nhandler would prefer not to do them again
 128 <duanedesign> nUboon2Age: it is definetly good to get a perspective from a new eye
 129 <duanedesign> Update Next meeting time on the wiki
 130 <duanedesign> Keep BeginnersTeam/TeamReports updated.
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 132 <nhandler> Don't forget Send meeting minutes to ubuntu-beginners mailing list
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 134 <duanedesign> put the logs on the wiki
 135 <duanedesign> and send to ML
 136 <duanedesign> ok anything else?
 137 <duanedesign> anyone?
 138 <duanedesign> <.<  >.>