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Meeting started by duanedesign at 00:05:48 UTC. The full logs are available at http://ubottu.com/meetingology/logs/ubuntu-meeting/2012/ubuntu-meeting.2012-02-08-00.05.log.html .

Meeting summary

  • Guiding Ubuntu Users New to the Community

ACTION: duanedesign is going to email the ML to get further team feedback on tweaking the mentor program. (duanedesign, 00:43:19)
ACTION: brainstorm on ways to reach new users looking to get involved in the coomunity (duanedesign, 00:52:17)

Meeting ended at 00:56:34 UTC.


Action items

  • duanedesign is going to email the ML to get further team feedback on tweaking the mentor program.
  • brainstorm on ways to reach new users looking to get involved in the coomunity

Action items, by person

  • duanedesign
  • * duanedesign is going to email the ML to get further team feedback on tweaking the mentor program.

People present (lines said)

  • duanedesign (62)
  • ashickur-noor (51)
  • JoseeAntonioR (37)
  • Unit193 (17)
  • meetingology (5)

Full Log

  • 00:05:48 <duanedesign> #startmeeting

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    00:06:12 <JoseeAntonioR> so, we're only 4 here

    00:06:40 <ashickur-noor> yap

    00:07:04 <duanedesign> #meetingtopic Beginners Team February Meeting

    00:08:12 <JoseeAntonioR> so, what are we going to discuss today?

    00:08:34 <duanedesign> I wanted to talk about the mentor/guides/student

    00:09:08 <ashickur-noor> +1

    00:09:21 <duanedesign> and how we guide new people who come into the channel or email us after they find our wiki

    00:09:39 <JoseeAntonioR> maybe having a welcome page for beginners

    00:10:15 <ashickur-noor> wiki page is enough I think

    00:10:21 <ashickur-noor> for welcome

    00:10:24 <JoseeAntonioR> +1

    00:10:48 <JoseeAntonioR> a wiki page where we say hello, and specify what can people do for support, or for community collaboration

    00:10:49 <duanedesign> #topic Guiding Ubuntu Users New to the Community

    00:11:19 <duanedesign> We have, and many team, tried the 1 mentor 1 apprentice thing

    00:11:47 <duanedesign> wherre someone signs a waiting list and waits to be assigned or picked up by a mentor

    00:12:02 <duanedesign> it is very hard to keep up with

    00:12:22 <JoseeAntonioR> that's a good idea, but, as you said, we would need a lot of people

    00:12:38 <ashickur-noor> hum

    00:12:45 <duanedesign> The Bug Squad has been using their Mailing List more extensively

    00:12:57 <ashickur-noor> But this is our problem

    00:12:58 <duanedesign> That way users do not have to wait

    00:13:00 <ashickur-noor> people

    00:13:22 <JoseeAntonioR> waiting list is a pretty good idea, but it would need to be managed in a different way

    00:13:30 <JoseeAntonioR> so we don't have that big problem

    00:14:09 <duanedesign> The problem has been not enough mentors

    00:14:16 <JoseeAntonioR> exactly

    00:14:36 <ashickur-noor> +1 JoseeAntonioR

    00:15:06 <JoseeAntonioR> people are 50/50 satisfied with LP answers, but they complain about not getting an instant answer

    00:15:25 <JoseeAntonioR> and sometimes, it's something they could have found out just by searching

    00:15:57 <duanedesign> The Bug Squad during the Natty cycle started https://launchpad.net/~bugsquad-mentorship-group-alpha

    00:16:06 <ashickur-noor> yes this is why we are here

    00:16:33 <ashickur-noor> yo give support to the new

    00:17:02 <duanedesign> the idea behind what the Bug Squad did was to have a handful of mentors help a larger group of apprentices

    00:17:45 <JoseeAntonioR> something like 1 mentor with 3 or 5 apprentices?

    00:17:50 <ashickur-noor> So wee need mentor

    00:18:12 <duanedesign> I think this is a good idea. Instead of having one mentor one apprentice

    00:18:26 <duanedesign> JoseeAntonioR: right

    00:18:39 <ashickur-noor> +1

    00:18:50 <JoseeAntonioR> if we start something like that, we need something like a schedule

    00:19:08 <ashickur-noor> Like

    00:19:15 <duanedesign> I think we could use the team mailing list and everyone pitches in to help answer quesations for those people looking to get started in the community

    00:19:29 <ashickur-noor> When which mentor will be present?

    00:20:01 <JoseeAntonioR> I have noticed something

    00:20:04 <duanedesign> i think we could be informal. Everyone help out when they can.

    00:20:27 <duanedesign> Hopefully we would all try and check the list regularly

    00:20:30 <ashickur-noor> It is our regular task

    00:20:50 <JoseeAntonioR> when people is redirected to the IRC, they normally enter the #ubuntu channel, and they ask very basic questions

    00:20:52 <ashickur-noor> But there is hardly mail in the list

    00:21:46 <JoseeAntonioR> it would be good if someone who is usually in the channel redirects that person to #ubuntu-beginners

    00:21:57 <duanedesign> another issue with the current list is people feel like they can not get started working in the community until they get a mentor

    00:22:06 <ashickur-noor> one thing we can do

    00:22:25 <Unit193> JoseeAntonioR: They can get help both places, and there are more to help in #u

    00:22:27 <JoseeAntonioR> duanedesign that's what I felt last year, as I didn't know where to start

    00:22:29 <ashickur-noor> we can divert people from #ubuntu to here

    00:22:35 <Unit193> duanedesign: Zone defence style

    00:23:11 <JoseeAntonioR> exactly, ashickur-noor

    00:24:01 <Unit193> I do not like the idea of redirecting people from another channel

    00:24:40 <ashickur-noor> I proposed it #u is too busy

    00:24:55 <duanedesign> The type of help we would be giving on the mamiling list would be people interested in getting involved in the community.

    00:25:14 <ashickur-noor> even I don't like to there to take help

    00:25:24 <ashickur-noor> unless there is some one here

    00:25:35 <duanedesign> ashickur-noor: when you ask a question it is off the screen in a couple seconds

    00:25:36 <Unit193> As far as #u goes, they have a lot more people supporting, how many times have you seen a question go unanswered?

    00:25:37 <ashickur-noor> One thing we can do

    00:25:39 <JoseeAntonioR> duanedesign maybe giving them an introduction to LP

    00:26:00 <ashickur-noor> for me some times

    00:26:09 <JoseeAntonioR> Unit193 is right. 80% of the time the question is answered.

    00:26:16 <duanedesign> JoseeAntonioR: that would be good tool for people to learn early on

    00:26:24 <duanedesign> JoseeAntonioR: under 'Guides' https://wiki.ubuntu.com/BeginnersTeam/Mentors

    00:26:39 <ashickur-noor> we can do one more thing

    00:26:46 <duanedesign> JoseeAntonioR: we have a few things for people new to the community to do

    00:26:49 <ashickur-noor> promote this team

    00:26:49 <Unit193> And how many times have you seen #u-b go unanswered?

    00:27:11 <JoseeAntonioR> Unit193 I have never seen.

    00:27:21 <Unit193> I have many times

    00:27:53 <ashickur-noor> My experience is same as Unit193

    00:28:02 <ashickur-noor> in @ubt

    00:28:13 <ashickur-noor> *#ubt

    00:28:15 <Unit193> And Team channel isn't exactly for support

    00:28:38 <ashickur-noor> it for discussion

    00:29:04 <JoseeAntonioR> duanedesign we might put some guides in the wiki, like introduction to lp, how to report bugs, how to answer questions, some tips, irc helping, etc

    00:29:24 <ashickur-noor> +1

    00:29:31 <duanedesign> JoseeAntonioR: we had a 'sign post' page at one time

    00:29:53 <duanedesign> because those pages exist elsewhere on the wiki we just need to find them and link to them

    00:30:37 <duanedesign> I would like each Focus Group Page to have a few steps to get people started

    00:30:56 <JoseeAntonioR> duanedesign and maybe link the UBT wiki page in the membership page, so people can know where to find some guiding

    00:32:06 <duanedesign> if you look at the User Support page it has where users can give support and some resources to help them give support https://wiki.ubuntu.com/BeginnersTeam/FocusGroups/Support

    00:33:10 <duanedesign> The bugs page a better 'roadmap' under Current Tasks https://wiki.ubuntu.com/BeginnersTeam/FocusGroups/Bugs

    00:33:26 <Unit193> duanedesign: So you want to move this to group but on the mailing list?

    00:33:29 <duanedesign> that way people can help themselves as much as possible Smile :)

    00:33:45 <ashickur-noor> Smile :-)

    00:34:13 <duanedesign> Unit193: move what?

    00:34:36 <Unit193> Currently I see the focus mainly in IRC

    00:34:49 <duanedesign> ahh, right

    00:36:05 <duanedesign> When people join the Beginners Team and want to get started helping other users I just want to make sure we are doing a good job of getting them started

    00:37:01 <JoseeAntonioR> so, new users would have to introduce theirselves in the mailing list?

    00:37:15 <duanedesign> My thought was that the guide mentor list is not working very well.

    00:37:18 <ashickur-noor> Good idea

    00:37:35 <Unit193> Alright, I'm not saying I'd be agenst doing the mailing list style, just I'm not a mailing list sender

    00:37:43 <duanedesign> Smile :)

    00:38:13 <duanedesign> I think IRC is optimal if people are present to help

    00:38:27 <ashickur-noor> Hum

    00:38:29 <duanedesign> but we always had mentors as the safety net.

    00:38:45 <Unit193> Also, I noticed #ub gets some people after being banned (for a reason!) from #u

    00:38:48 <ashickur-noor> list is also good

    00:39:18 <duanedesign> if you couldnt reach someone to answer your question you had a mentor who volunteeres to help you. I think the mailing List could be that 'safety net'/

    00:39:45 <ashickur-noor> +1 duanedesign

    00:39:57 <JoseeAntonioR> I think that's great

    00:40:01 <Unit193> I would agree that is a good idea

    00:41:27 <duanedesign> ok, i will write an email to send to the mailing list to get feedback from the rest of the team

    00:41:38 <duanedesign> anyone elsse have anything?>

    00:42:26 <ashickur-noor> nope

    00:42:37 <JoseeAntonioR> erm, I think I have something

    00:43:19 <duanedesign> #action duanedesign is going to email the ML to get further team feedback on tweaking the mentor program. 00:43:19 * meetingology duanedesign is going to email the ML to get further team feedback on tweaking the mentor program.

    00:43:59 <duanedesign> JoseeAntonioR: what was on your mind?

    00:44:08 <JoseeAntonioR> I'm trying to explain it :S

    00:44:30 <JoseeAntonioR> how do we get beginners to contact us? because afaik we aren't on the docs

    00:45:11 <duanedesign> Is us, the team

    00:45:21 <duanedesign> or us, individual members?

    00:45:34 <JoseeAntonioR> the team

    00:45:58 <ashickur-noor> yes it is a question

    00:46:02 <JoseeAntonioR> I mean, I don't see many beginners entering the IRC channel, I only see 3 or 4 a week

    00:46:19 <duanedesign> i think most people stumble on the wiki

    00:46:25 <duanedesign> or the IRC channel

    00:46:27 <ashickur-noor> every one does not know that there is ubt

    00:46:44 <JoseeAntonioR> ashickur-noor, that's my point

    00:47:36 <ashickur-noor> What I say before

    00:47:47 <ashickur-noor> We have to promote our team

    00:47:54 <JoseeAntonioR> yes

    00:48:40 <ashickur-noor> by social media

    00:48:42 <duanedesign> last year we were working on reaching out to other teams

    00:48:45 <ashickur-noor> by other list

    00:48:56 <ashickur-noor> other team

    00:49:02 <ashickur-noor> from forums

    00:49:26 <Unit193> Yes, but advertising in #u is agenst policy, and we need to get good, dedicated mentors first

    00:49:56 <ashickur-noor> if we don't promote

    00:50:06 <ashickur-noor> then new will know about us

    00:50:15 <ashickur-noor> about Ubuntu

    00:50:24 <JoseeAntonioR> Ok. So first of all, let's tweak the mentorship system, so we can promote afterwards

    00:50:44 <ashickur-noor> Sounds like good

    00:52:17 <duanedesign> #action brainstorm on ways to reach new users looking to get involved in the coomunity 00:52:17 * meetingology brainstorm on ways to reach new users looking to get involved in the coomunity

    00:52:30 <duanedesign> hows that Smile :)

    00:52:34 <JoseeAntonioR> great

    00:53:22 <duanedesign> thanks JoseeAntonioR

    00:53:35 <JoseeAntonioR> Smile :)

    00:53:38 <duanedesign> thanks Unit193

    00:53:41 <Unit193> As hobgoblin keeps saying, we need to get shorter /topics as people don't read them, and that may get a few more doing it

    00:53:45 <Unit193> duanedesign: I didn't do much

    00:53:51 <duanedesign> thanks ashickur-noor

    00:54:15 <JoseeAntonioR> yes, before we end, wha Unit193 said

    00:54:22 <duanedesign> Unit193: our topics in the IRC chabbels?

    00:54:26 <duanedesign> ugh

    00:54:28 <ashickur-noor> it's my pleasure

    00:54:30 <Unit193> duanedesign: Yes sir

    00:54:33 <duanedesign> channels*

    00:54:45 <duanedesign> Unit193: good idea

    00:54:54 <Unit193> I can talk after meeting, nothing really needed in here

    00:55:01 <duanedesign> ok Smile :)

    00:55:07 <duanedesign> if nothing else?

    00:55:22 <ashickur-noor> I will update the team report

    00:55:33 <duanedesign> ahh cool

    00:55:41 <ashickur-noor> some one update the meeting log and next meeting

    00:55:52 <duanedesign> yep

    00:56:11 <JoseeAntonioR> I'll update the wiki

    00:56:20 <duanedesign> short list of after meeting items on the /meeting wiki page

    00:56:34 <duanedesign> #endmeeting

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