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Log of Launchpad Focus Group Meeting on 3/11/09

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[Wed Mar 11 22:59:39] <nhandler> Agenda: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/BeginnersTeam/FocusGroups/Launchpad/Meetings

[Wed Mar 11 22:59:41] <Rocket2DMn> on vantrax or ajmorris huh

[Wed Mar 11 23:0:1] <nhandler> Vantrax said he had work. I haven't seen ajmorris for a while

[Wed Mar 11 23:0:41] <nhandler> I actually want to go a little out of order and start with item #2 on the agenda

[Wed Mar 11 23:0:57] <nhandler> Hi PartyBoi2

[Wed Mar 11 23:1:8] <PartyBoi2> hi guys Smile :)

[Wed Mar 11 23:1:10] <jgoguen> haz ppl!

[Wed Mar 11 23:1:21] <jgoguen> Smile :)

[Wed Mar 11 23:1:37] <nhandler> I am interested in seeing what area of Launchpad people are interested in contributing to

[Wed Mar 11 23:1:58] <bodhi_zazen> meeting here ?

[Wed Mar 11 23:2:1] <nhandler> Yes

[Wed Mar 11 23:2:44] <Rocket2DMn> Ok, I guess I'll start - BUGS!

[Wed Mar 11 23:2:46] <nhandler> If you are currently active on LP, could you please mention what areas you have been contributing to. If you are not active on LP, please say what areas you are interested in learning/starting to contribute to

[Wed Mar 11 23:2:49] <jgoguen> nhandler: myself, mostly bug triaging and some poking into Answers

[Wed Mar 11 23:3:4] <jgoguen> learning to triage anyway Smile :)

[Wed Mar 11 23:3:20] <nhandler> Has anyone tried translations?

[Wed Mar 11 23:3:36] <jgoguen> o/

[Wed Mar 11 23:3:44] <nhandler> What language?

[Wed Mar 11 23:3:50] <jgoguen> Canadian English

[Wed Mar 11 23:4:0] <nhandler> Very good

[Wed Mar 11 23:4:3] <jgoguen> I might try Canadian French too

[Wed Mar 11 23:4:13] <nhandler> I personally spend a lot of time working with bugs that have patches

[Wed Mar 11 23:5:1] <Rocket2DMn> I tend to focus on new bugs, which means i spend a fair amount of time fiddling with development releases and crash reports

[Wed Mar 11 23:5:13] <nhandler> The reason I am asking is because I want to designate certain members as mentors.

[Wed Mar 11 23:5:19] <Rocket2DMn> on occasion i dig up really old bugs, too

[Wed Mar 11 23:5:30] <Rocket2DMn> i tend to get hate mail for the latter though

[Wed Mar 11 23:5:33] <nhandler> These mentors would help new users learn the ropes about a certain section of LP

[Wed Mar 11 23:5:45] <jgoguen> I've mostly been trying to go after older bugs, and some stuff on the hug days

[Wed Mar 11 23:5:57] <Rocket2DMn> I will probably be leading a bug triage class for the Education team

[Wed Mar 11 23:6:3] <nhandler> The mentors would also be encouraged to lead sessions through the education fg

[Wed Mar 11 23:6:17] <nhandler> Rocket2DMn: Glad to hear that

[Wed Mar 11 23:7:6] <nhandler> I reserved all the LP related courses on https://wiki.ubuntu.com/BeginnersTeam/FocusGroups/Education/Proposals for the FG

[Wed Mar 11 23:7:14] <nhandler> Is anyone here interested in leading a course?

[Wed Mar 11 23:7:45] <jgoguen> I'd be OK with doing Rosetta, I'm just not sure what exactly to cover and what to either leave out or for later

[Wed Mar 11 23:7:48] <nhandler> There is a proposal for how to use LP (bugs and answers) and one for how to use BZR

[Wed Mar 11 23:8:22] <nhandler> jgoguen: You can cover whatever you want. That is the great thing about leading it

[Wed Mar 11 23:8:50] <jgoguen> awesome...well then if there's a course for Rosetta I'm willing to take that

[Wed Mar 11 23:9:1] <jgoguen> staging.launchpad.net would be good for demos too

[Wed Mar 11 23:9:20] <nhandler> jgoguen: I don't think there is a proposal for that, but you can go ahead and add it

[Wed Mar 11 23:9:29] <Rocket2DMn> "How to Use Launchpad" is a little vague, how much can you see about that?

[Wed Mar 11 23:9:31] <nhandler> staging.launchpad.net is nice...when it is working

[Wed Mar 11 23:10:8] <nhandler> Rocket2DMn: I think they just want an introduction to how to look up/report bugs and how to ask/answer questions

[Wed Mar 11 23:10:57] <nhandler> If you have any other course ideas, please talk to someone on the education fg about it. They can help you make all of the arrangements

[Wed Mar 11 23:11:10] <Rocket2DMn> nhandler, maybe it should be jsut geared toward users, not helpers/developers at all

[Wed Mar 11 23:11:23] <Rocket2DMn> kinda like ,how to use LP to get support

[Wed Mar 11 23:11:34] <nhandler> Rocket2DMn: I think that would make a great course

[Wed Mar 11 23:11:40] <Rocket2DMn> so asking questions, filing bugs, following up with bugs, etc

[Wed Mar 11 23:12:1] <nhandler> Interested in leading it?

[Wed Mar 11 23:12:8] <Rocket2DMn> bug triage is a step up from that

[Wed Mar 11 23:12:17] <Rocket2DMn> ill lead triage, but somebody else can do the basic into to LP

[Wed Mar 11 23:13:14] <nhandler> 2 sessions are enough for me. Maybe Vantrax or ajmorris would be interested

[Wed Mar 11 23:13:59] <nhandler> Changing the topic, I would like to discuss the direction that this FG will go in

[Wed Mar 11 23:14:29] <nhandler> From the looks of it, we have members that have a wide range of interests on LP

[Wed Mar 11 23:14:46] <nhandler> Should we focus on a particular section of LP? Or should we cover all of it?

[Wed Mar 11 23:15:57] <Rocket2DMn> for a basic course, just provide an introduction to areas that new users would end up using - Overview (user info, joining teams), bugs (filing and searching), Answers (asking, responding)

[Wed Mar 11 23:16:16] <nhandler> Rocket2DMn: I'm talking about this FG, not education courses

[Wed Mar 11 23:16:29] <Rocket2DMn> ah i thought you were talking about an LP class for education

[Wed Mar 11 23:16:48] <Rocket2DMn> i think this group should just be for anything on LP

[Wed Mar 11 23:16:59] <nhandler> jgoguen: What do you think?

[Wed Mar 11 23:17:7] <jgoguen> If the people have enough experience with the various areas that collectively all of LP can be covered, then it all should be covered

[Wed Mar 11 23:17:43] <Rocket2DMn> I think the members of this FG should do what they like on LP, and can draw from other members' skills if they want to expand their knowledge base

[Wed Mar 11 23:18:49] <nhandler> What do you guys think about having mentors/leaders in this FG for the different sections of LP?

[Wed Mar 11 23:19:1] <jgoguen> Probably a good idea

[Wed Mar 11 23:19:16] <Rocket2DMn> Do we have enough people to do that?

[Wed Mar 11 23:19:35] <Rocket2DMn> I wouldn't mind making a table on the FG page to track people's skills, but I wouldn't go so far as to introduce a mentor program

[Wed Mar 11 23:19:44] <nhandler> Rocket2DMn: We really don't have enough members to do much of anything. We will need to do a lot of recruiting

[Wed Mar 11 23:20:14] <nhandler> Rocket2DMn: It wouldn't be a real mentor program. The mentors/leaders would be in charge of determining what direction this FG would take in their respective sections

[Wed Mar 11 23:20:34] <nhandler> They would also help teach new users the basics (which is the mentoring part)

[Wed Mar 11 23:20:51] <Rocket2DMn> nhandler, I agree, hence just having a table of skills should be enough. If somebody wants to learn something new, they just ask somebody with those skills

[Wed Mar 11 23:21:32] <Rocket2DMn> you can grade skill level with like "none, low, moderate, high, expert"

[Wed Mar 11 23:22:43] <nhandler> I'm even fine with just listing areas of interest and designating whether or not you feel you are capable of teaching new users about that area

[Wed Mar 11 23:23:12] <Rocket2DMn> I think we're after the same goal here Smile :)

[Wed Mar 11 23:23:21] <nhandler> But before we can really do anything, we need more members

[Wed Mar 11 23:23:53] <Rocket2DMn> You want me to make that table on the LP FG page, and if you dont like it you can delete it?

[Wed Mar 11 23:24:1] <nhandler> I'll send out an email to the other members of the team on LP and try to determine if they are still interested in the team and just couldn't make the meeting, or if they have lost interest

[Wed Mar 11 23:24:12] <nhandler> Rocket2DMn: Go for it Smile :)

[Wed Mar 11 23:24:43] <nhandler> I think we should also try to pull some other BT members into the FG

[Wed Mar 11 23:24:50] <Rocket2DMn> Ok, maybe for keeping people involved, set a short expiration time on the LP fg membership, and if they prove to be dedicated, you can extend it for a longer period of time

[Wed Mar 11 23:25:20] <Rocket2DMn> LP is probably the best way to track FG members, maintaining a wiki page of members doesnt seem to work well

[Wed Mar 11 23:25:23] <nhandler> Rocket2DMn: I think I have the expiration currently set to 1/2 a year (like the real BT)

[Wed Mar 11 23:25:38] <Rocket2DMn> yeah, maybe something like 2 months would be better for starters Smile :)

[Wed Mar 11 23:26:5] <nhandler> I can change that. Also, if anyone is willing to create a small icon for the LP team, that would be great

[Wed Mar 11 23:26:24] <nhandler> That way, I could easily identify FG members on LP using the Greasemonkey script

[Wed Mar 11 23:28:9] <nhandler> Is there anything any of you guys would like to discuss?

[Wed Mar 11 23:28:36] <Rocket2DMn> not at this time

[Wed Mar 11 23:28:46] <nhandler> jgoguen: How about you?

[Wed Mar 11 23:28:58] <jgoguen> nothing for me

[Wed Mar 11 23:29:11] <jgoguen> I'm looking for the BT avatar overlay for a possible LP icon though

[Wed Mar 11 23:29:31] <nhandler> jgoguen: I can hunt that down later

[Wed Mar 11 23:29:37] <nhandler> Ok, so the current plan is to work on recruiting new members and to get some classroom sessions going

[Wed Mar 11 23:29:54] <nhandler> What about meetings? When do you want to meet again?

[Wed Mar 11 23:30:9] <nhandler> I was thinking about a monthly meeting

[Wed Mar 11 23:30:30] <Rocket2DMn> let's see where we are in a few weeks and decide if we want another meeting

[Wed Mar 11 23:31:9] <nhandler> Rocket2DMn: I would prefer to get a meeting scheduled. We can always cancel it if we have no need for it

[Wed Mar 11 23:31:24] <Rocket2DMn> ok, if you want

[Wed Mar 11 23:31:38] <Rocket2DMn> This time of day works for me, Mon-Thu is best

[Wed Mar 11 23:32:5] <nhandler> I'm going to try and use Doodle to schedule this meeting

[Wed Mar 11 23:32:28] <nhandler> For those of you who haven't used it, you list a selection of dates and times. Each user can then specify what times work for them.

[Wed Mar 11 23:33:36] <nhandler> jgoguen: What days work for you?

[Wed Mar 11 23:34:6] <Rocket2DMn> Doodle? Why not use gcal?

[Wed Mar 11 23:34:21] <jgoguen> I have class Wednesday nights from 7:00pm to 9:45pm UTC-3 but most of the time any other night is good

[Wed Mar 11 23:34:50] <nhandler> Rocket2DMn: The final meeting time will go on the gcal. Doodle is to help choose the meeting date/time

[Wed Mar 11 23:35:2] <Rocket2DMn> ok, cool

[Wed Mar 11 23:36:1] <Rocket2DMn> i added that table to the page, it could probably be expanded on though (for instance, break down skills further)

[Wed Mar 11 23:36:23] <nhandler> Thanks a lot Rocket2DMn

[Wed Mar 11 23:38:5] <nhandler> If there is nothing else to discuss, I see no reason why we can't end the meeting early

[Wed Mar 11 23:38:14] <Rocket2DMn> +1

[Wed Mar 11 23:38:15] <nhandler> I'll send the Doodle link to the mailing list when I am done

[Wed Mar 11 23:38:36] <nhandler> jgoguen: Any last comments?

[Wed Mar 11 23:38:40] <Rocket2DMn> cool, thanks for organizing

[Wed Mar 11 23:38:55] <jgoguen> nope...just waiting for the Doodle link

[Wed Mar 11 23:39:40] <nhandler> http://www.doodle.com/d8qrhzzkg93s2muy

[Wed Mar 11 23:39:45] <nhandler> Ok, meeting over