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Log of Wiki Focus Group Meeting on 9/9/08

Meeting Agenda




recent updates and progress


last Summer of Documentation effort


please make sure you are on the ubuntu-doc mailing list! (link above)


please subscribe to this wiki page - it is your responsibility to know when there are updates.


[Wed Sep 10 00:30:52 2008] <Rocket2DMn> .meeting

[Wed Sep 10 00:30:52 2008] <VoteBot> Meeting mode enabled.

[Wed Sep 10 00:31:08 2008] <Rocket2DMn> please repot in gentlemen

[Wed Sep 10 00:31:14 2008] <Rocket2DMn> report*, let me know you are here

[Wed Sep 10 00:31:28 2008] <pedro> me?

[Wed Sep 10 00:31:29 2008] <drs305> Present - mostly accounted for.

[Wed Sep 10 00:31:33 2008] <perlluver> here Rocket2DMn

[Wed Sep 10 00:31:47 2008] <Rocket2DMn> no pedro , wiki group meeting

[Wed Sep 10 00:31:50 2008] <Old_Soldier> !

[Wed Sep 10 00:32:00 2008] <Rocket2DMn> ok good enough, we dont need that PrivateVoid fellow

[Wed Sep 10 00:32:07 2008] <Rocket2DMn> OK, first welcome to the newcomers to the FG. Please see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Beginners/Team/FocusGroups/Wiki

[Wed Sep 10 00:32:34 2008] <Rocket2DMn> that page has basically the works for starting your involvement , and a list of resources

[Wed Sep 10 00:32:35 2008] <Rocket2DMn> I recommend you make a folder in your Bookmarks that you can add a bunch of pages to, for help in wiki editing and whatnot.

[Wed Sep 10 00:32:59 2008] <Rocket2DMn> Everybody here should be registered on the ubuntu-doc mailing list, a link is always available on the Wiki FG page, here it is for your reference now - https://lists.ubuntu.com/mailman/listinfo/ubuntu-doc

[Wed Sep 10 00:33:02 2008] <PrivateVoid> reading... just not 100%

[Wed Sep 10 00:33:24 2008] <Rocket2DMn> For those who have not joined the ubuntu-doc team, see the directions on the wiki FG page, there is a specific order to doing things.

[Wed Sep 10 00:33:43 2008] <Rocket2DMn> (pause, read for a minute, then say "ready" or let me know if you have questions so far)

[Wed Sep 10 00:33:59 2008] <perlluver> good to go, I will do all that later Rocket2DMn

[Wed Sep 10 00:34:02 2008] <PrivateVoid> gtg

[Wed Sep 10 00:34:10 2008] <Rocket2DMn> ok PrivateVoid we ar elogging thi

[Wed Sep 10 00:34:40 2008] <drs305> ok - i've got the gist of it and bookmarked

[Wed Sep 10 00:34:41 2008] <Rocket2DMn> drs305, are you with us?

[Wed Sep 10 00:34:44 2008] <Rocket2DMn> ok cool

[Wed Sep 10 00:34:57 2008] <Rocket2DMn> moving on

[Wed Sep 10 00:35:00 2008] <Rocket2DMn> So as I mentioned during the regular meeting the official ubuntu doc team has been very active recently in working on upgrades - interface as well as content, so keep your eyes out for those soon. There has been a LOT of discussion on the mailing list recently about this.

[Wed Sep 10 00:35:31 2008] <Rocket2DMn> You can even test the new theme on your user preferences page on the wiki (you must be logged in) - https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Beginners/Team/FocusGroups/Wiki?action=userprefs

[Wed Sep 10 00:35:50 2008] <Rocket2DMn> choose ubuntunew theme - it is different, and is a work in progress

[Wed Sep 10 00:36:41 2008] <perlluver> added to bookmarks, I will check it later Rocket2DMn

[Wed Sep 10 00:36:44 2008] <Rocket2DMn> more new funcionality on the wiki:

[Wed Sep 10 00:36:54 2008] <Rocket2DMn> this is something i want us to help with:

[Wed Sep 10 00:36:55 2008] <Rocket2DMn> The "Summer of Documentation" is coming to an end soon, and I would like to get a bit more done on the wiki before then, including implementing the new Tag(s) feature as well as editing a few more pages.

[Wed Sep 10 00:37:32 2008] <Rocket2DMn> by "soon" i believe Sept 21 is about the right time to end our Summer of Documentation since that is the first day of Autumn (i think), so we are runnin gout of time fast!

[Wed Sep 10 00:37:32 2008] <PrivateVoid> O/

[Wed Sep 10 00:37:38 2008] <Rocket2DMn> go PrivateVoid

[Wed Sep 10 00:37:44 2008] <PrivateVoid> Is there a list of these new tags?

[Wed Sep 10 00:37:50 2008] <PrivateVoid> vs. old tags?

[Wed Sep 10 00:37:55 2008] <Rocket2DMn> yessir, coming momentarily

[Wed Sep 10 00:38:22 2008] <Rocket2DMn> basically before we used Categories to mark pages on the wiki, but they arent quite enough - https://help.ubuntu.com/community/CategoryCategory

[Wed Sep 10 00:39:15 2008] <Rocket2DMn> The doc team has pretty much decided to only use Categories for noting page content (like CategoryNetworking or CategoryInternet orCategoryInstallation, etc)

[Wed Sep 10 00:39:27 2008] <Rocket2DMn> NOT for what needs to be done on a page

[Wed Sep 10 00:39:47 2008] <Rocket2DMn> do you guys understand?

[Wed Sep 10 00:39:54 2008] <Rocket2DMn> For Tag - soon to be renamed Tags - see here - https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Tag - I want us to start going through the wiki and implementing these. Using the Categories may be a good start - CategoryCleanup, CategoryNeedsExpansion, and CategoryDeletion specifically.

[Wed Sep 10 00:39:56 2008] <perlluver> yes Rocket2DMn

[Wed Sep 10 00:40:16 2008] <drs305> I'm going to have to digest all the pages but I get the gist...

[Wed Sep 10 00:40:23 2008] <Rocket2DMn> have a look at those Tags and you will see which ones sorta correspond to some of the existing Categories, which will be phased out

[Wed Sep 10 00:40:46 2008] <Rocket2DMn> ex: Content Cleanup <==> CategoryCleanup

[Wed Sep 10 00:41:06 2008] <Rocket2DMn> Candidate for Deletion <==> CategoryDeletion

[Wed Sep 10 00:41:25 2008] <drs305> O/

[Wed Sep 10 00:41:27 2008] <Rocket2DMn> and so on - not all tags correspond to Categories, some of them are new

[Wed Sep 10 00:41:30 2008] <Rocket2DMn> go ahead drs305

[Wed Sep 10 00:41:50 2008] <drs305> Does the main FG page explain where the pages we maintain are?

[Wed Sep 10 00:42:10 2008] <drs305> I'm still pretty fuzzy on exactly which pages we will be working on.

[Wed Sep 10 00:42:41 2008] <Rocket2DMn> I see the confusion. There is the Beginners team area at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Beginners - basically, i maintain the structure there, and the entire BT contributes to the content

[Wed Sep 10 00:42:48 2008] <Old_Soldier> drs305: we maintain any and all pages that are not off limits or belong to people specifically

[Wed Sep 10 00:43:12 2008] <Rocket2DMn> this is actually supposed to be on wiki.ubuntu.com but the man who setup our wiki area didnt put it there, so we are using a legacy setup essentially

[Wed Sep 10 00:43:13 2008] <drs305> Any Ubuntu wiki page or the BT pages?

[Wed Sep 10 00:43:28 2008] <drs305> I'll let you get back to your presentation....

[Wed Sep 10 00:43:44 2008] <Rocket2DMn> no these are good questions

[Wed Sep 10 00:43:58 2008] <Rocket2DMn> The BT Wiki FG helps out all over the wiki, primarily the Community Docs at https://help.ubuntu.com/community

[Wed Sep 10 00:44:07 2008] <drs305> k

[Wed Sep 10 00:44:35 2008] <Old_Soldier> avoid touching project pages though unless you are a member of that project.

[Wed Sep 10 00:44:37 2008] <Rocket2DMn> everything under https://help.ubuntu.com/ (w/out the community part) are official docs which have to be edited through launchpad by submitting debdiffs, Old_Soldier has done some work on that type of stuff (also applies to yelp, the help system inside an Ubuntu install)

[Wed Sep 10 00:45:05 2008] <Rocket2DMn> we wont cover non-wiki stuff right now, but if you find it interesting, i def support getting involved

[Wed Sep 10 00:45:27 2008] <Old_Soldier> one quick plug Rocket2DMn ?

[Wed Sep 10 00:45:33 2008] <Rocket2DMn> go Old_Soldier

[Wed Sep 10 00:46:11 2008] <Old_Soldier> if you are interested in working on the official docs see me later, I'm writing the new training program for Ubuntu Doc students working on the official docs

[Wed Sep 10 00:46:23 2008] <Old_Soldier> back at you connor Smile :)

[Wed Sep 10 00:46:29 2008] <Rocket2DMn> cool, thanks Old_Soldier

[Wed Sep 10 00:46:30 2008] <Rocket2DMn> So again, we can take any page on the community docs and work with it. We did a lot of work over the summer getting pages up to date from CategoryCleanup and CategoryNeedsExpansion. We also implemented CategoryDeletion to mark old pages to be deleted, and over a 100 or more have so far been deleted as part of the cleanup effort

[Wed Sep 10 00:46:44 2008] <Rocket2DMn> on that note, We are tracking pages within our FG here - https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Beginners/Development - feel free to add pages to the list, edit them, and all that jazz - it's intuitive.

[Wed Sep 10 00:46:45 2008] <perlluver> o/

[Wed Sep 10 00:46:55 2008] <Rocket2DMn> one sec perlluver

[Wed Sep 10 00:47:26 2008] <Rocket2DMn> that link i just posted is UNOFFICIAL, its just a way for this small focus group to keep track of our progress and itemize our success. We genreally put pages there that had MAJOR work done on them

[Wed Sep 10 00:47:31 2008] <Rocket2DMn> ok, go ahead perlluver

[Wed Sep 10 00:47:37 2008] <perlluver> nvm you answered it

[Wed Sep 10 00:47:42 2008] <Rocket2DMn> Smile :)

[Wed Sep 10 00:47:48 2008] <PrivateVoid> O/

[Wed Sep 10 00:47:52 2008] <Rocket2DMn> go ahead PrivateVoid

[Wed Sep 10 00:47:58 2008] <PrivateVoid> Is there anyway to change the titles... and the URL

[Wed Sep 10 00:48:10 2008] <PrivateVoid> https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Uncomplicated_Firewall_ufw

[Wed Sep 10 00:48:15 2008] <PrivateVoid> I hate the URL for that one...

[Wed Sep 10 00:48:34 2008] <PrivateVoid> the title I can change... but I do not know if there is a way to change the URL

[Wed Sep 10 00:48:41 2008] <Rocket2DMn> for a page that well established, i wouldnt touch it. In some cases you can set pages to REDIRECT to other ones

[Wed Sep 10 00:49:14 2008] <Rocket2DMn> you can work on that page, but dont rename the page or create duplicates

[Wed Sep 10 00:49:35 2008] <Rocket2DMn> Are there any questions?

[Wed Sep 10 00:49:37 2008] <Rocket2DMn> at all

[Wed Sep 10 00:49:46 2008] <Old_Soldier> redirect FTW /community/UFW -> /community/Uncomplicated_Firewall_ufw

[Wed Sep 10 00:49:49 2008] <Rocket2DMn> now is the time, we are pretty much done

[Wed Sep 10 00:50:02 2008] <PrivateVoid> good suggesting Old_Soldier

[Wed Sep 10 00:50:21 2008] <Rocket2DMn> if you wanted to make that page, you could just to set a redirect.

[Wed Sep 10 00:50:31 2008] <bodhi_zazen> o?

[Wed Sep 10 00:50:33 2008] <Rocket2DMn> I wouldnt get carried away though

[Wed Sep 10 00:50:36 2008] <bodhi_zazen> o/

[Wed Sep 10 00:50:42 2008] <Rocket2DMn> go ahead bodhi_zazen

[Wed Sep 10 00:50:52 2008] <bodhi_zazen> I am not able to make this meeting

[Wed Sep 10 00:51:07 2008] <bodhi_zazen> will you put a summary on the FG wiki page ?

[Wed Sep 10 00:51:13 2008] <Rocket2DMn> yes, VoteBot is logging

[Wed Sep 10 00:51:19 2008] <bodhi_zazen> *lots of good stuff here*

[Wed Sep 10 00:51:25 2008] <PrivateVoid> I don't like littering the wiki... so will likely leave it...

[Wed Sep 10 00:52:07 2008] <Old_Soldier> PrivateVoid: i think in the UFW case the usability of a short URL is worth adding the page

[Wed Sep 10 00:52:08 2008] <Rocket2DMn> something like the UFW redirect could be acceptable b/c the page it is directing to is strangely titled, however i wouldnt use capital letters, i would do https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ufw

[Wed Sep 10 00:52:22 2008] <PrivateVoid> noted Old_Soldier

[Wed Sep 10 00:52:23 2008] <drs305> +1

[Wed Sep 10 00:52:41 2008] <Rocket2DMn> it is case sensitive, and if somebody were to make a link to a ufw page, they would use lowercase

[Wed Sep 10 00:53:17 2008] <Rocket2DMn> drs305 and perlluver , have you guys done any wiki editing on these community docs?

[Wed Sep 10 00:53:33 2008] <drs305> no i haven't.

[Wed Sep 10 00:53:48 2008] <perlluver> I have done a two, posted here https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Perlluver5605850

[Wed Sep 10 00:54:07 2008] <perlluver> I hope they are good, I just cleaned them up

[Wed Sep 10 00:54:29 2008] <Rocket2DMn> ok, if you guys ever need help or have questions about dealing with the syntax or whatever, definitely ask other wiki fg members or ask in #ubuntu-doc

[Wed Sep 10 00:54:39 2008] <perlluver> ok Rocket2DMn

[Wed Sep 10 00:54:47 2008] <drs305> ok, i've made one like perlluver describes. but very basic

[Wed Sep 10 00:55:24 2008] <Rocket2DMn> basically you need to know how to make titles, set links, etc. its a little weird and it changed on us a few months ago when they upgraded the wiki version

[Wed Sep 10 00:55:48 2008] <perlluver> indeed Rocket2DMn, I had a heck of a time setting up my page

[Wed Sep 10 00:55:50 2008] <drs305> I found working with wiki formatting tedious, at least until I get it figured out.

[Wed Sep 10 00:55:52 2008] <Rocket2DMn> if you ever see something on a page that you want to duplicate, you can go to the More Actions dropdown box and hit Raw Text

[Wed Sep 10 00:56:15 2008] <Rocket2DMn> that will show you the wiki syntax that is generating the page, just as if you were editing it

[Wed Sep 10 00:56:17 2008] <Tronyx_> this guy just called asking if he could run IIS on linux

[Wed Sep 10 00:56:18 2008] <drs305> I built and administered a 100 page website about 13 years ago, but that was all html coding, done by hand.

[Wed Sep 10 00:56:26 2008] <Rocket2DMn> Tronyx_, were havin g a meeting buddy, its almost over

[Wed Sep 10 00:56:38 2008] <Tronyx_> oh sorry

[Wed Sep 10 00:56:48 2008] <Rocket2DMn> basically guys, there are examples all around you, and that is how you can mimick them the easiest

[Wed Sep 10 00:57:00 2008] <perlluver> thanks, good info Rocket2DMn

[Wed Sep 10 00:57:12 2008] <Rocket2DMn> any other questions at all?

[Wed Sep 10 00:57:36 2008] <perlluver> I have a few, but can wait till after the meeting

[Wed Sep 10 00:57:42 2008] <drs305> Thanks for all the good info. It will take me a few days to wade through it. Then I will contact you with questions.

[Wed Sep 10 00:57:45 2008] <drs305> Wink ;)

[Wed Sep 10 00:58:29 2008] <Old_Soldier> feel free drs305 its what we do Smile :)

[Wed Sep 10 00:58:38 2008] <drs305> k

[Wed Sep 10 00:58:56 2008] <Rocket2DMn> ok, so in summary we are going to work on editing a few pages in CategoryCleanup and CategoryNeedsExpansion as well as help start implemetning the Tag functionality (postpone this until they change it to Tags with an s)

[Wed Sep 10 00:59:47 2008] <Old_Soldier> there is already a redirect in place for tags

[Wed Sep 10 01:00:09 2008] <Rocket2DMn> when you finish a page enough that you think it can be removed from those Categories, talk to one of the older team members and have them look at it for you. When it is approved by one of us, add the page to the Development page under Finished (you can keep the link under Still Available or Claimed until then)

[Wed Sep 10 01:00:45 2008] <drs305> I do have a question about editing an existing wiki page. I've done a couple and it sent an email to someone. Does it do this each time you save the doc?

[Wed Sep 10 01:00:45 2008] <Rocket2DMn> basically we just want to finish the Summer of Documentation strong, our efforts will continue after that time, of course

[Wed Sep 10 01:00:57 2008] <Rocket2DMn> yes, ues the PREVIEW button as much as possible

[Wed Sep 10 01:01:24 2008] <Rocket2DMn> this prevents people and lists from getting spammed and keeps the page history looking clean

[Wed Sep 10 01:01:28 2008] <drs305> That's what I tried to do otherwise it would have been dozens of emails. Thanks for clarifying.

[Wed Sep 10 01:01:42 2008] <Rocket2DMn> any other questions guys?

[Wed Sep 10 01:01:52 2008] <drs305> Nope. Smile :)

[Wed Sep 10 01:01:59 2008] <Rocket2DMn> perlluver, you with us?

[Wed Sep 10 01:02:00 2008] <perlluver> none now, thanks Rocket2DMn

[Wed Sep 10 01:02:06 2008] <Rocket2DMn> ok, So, for the newcomers, assuming you are still interested, please add yourself to our FG at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Beginners/Team/FocusGroups and subscribe to the page! Also don't forget to check the Wiki FG page and follow the links around there (just take your time and read). Join the ubuntu-doc mailing list and go through the process of applying to ubuntu-doc as described on their wiki page.

[Wed Sep 10 01:02:38 2008] <Rocket2DMn> correction: subscribe to the Wiki fg page, not the page that houses all the FGs

[Wed Sep 10 01:03:19 2008] <Rocket2DMn> it takes awhile to get comfortable with the wiki syntax, but there are a mess of pages that i listed on our page to help you out initially. As always, feel free to ask

[Wed Sep 10 01:03:26 2008] <Rocket2DMn> If there are no more questions this meeting is over Smile :)

[Wed Sep 10 01:03:38 2008] <perlluver> no questions from me, thanks Rocket2DMn

[Wed Sep 10 01:04:05 2008] <drs305> thanks. good night.

[Wed Sep 10 01:04:08 2008] <Rocket2DMn> ///// end wiki FG meeting ///////


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