This team is now deprecated. Official announcement about the team's closure can be found here.

Info (!) Ubuntu Help and Support IRC Channel: #ubuntu-beginners on Info (!)

Info (!) Community and Team IRC Channel: #ubuntu-beginners-team on Info (!)


If you are interested in joining the Ubuntu Beginners Team, follow the following steps.

  • Ubuntu Read the introduction and mission statement and familiarize yourself with the current focus groups.
    Ubuntu Subscribe to the mailing list to ensure that you remain up-to-date with what the team is doing.
    Ubuntu Send an Email to the mailing list introducing yourself and stating which Focus Group you wish to work with. Be sure to include the names of any Ubuntu teams you have worked with, along with how long you have been working with them.
    Ubuntu Add your name to the Seeking Mentor list here.
    Ubuntu Come hang out with us in the InternetRelayChat channel #ubuntu-beginners-team on Freenode, most members are active in the channel and it's a good way to introduce yourself and meet us all quickly.


The following requirements must be met in order to become a member of the Ubuntu Beginners Team. Your BT mentor will help you complete each of these items.

  • Ubuntu Sign the Ubuntu Code of Conduct.
    Ubuntu Have an account on Launchpad
    Ubuntu Have a wiki page describing yourself and your contributions. For help on creating an Ubuntu wiki page See here.


Introduction Letter

Subject: Introducing $NAME ($NICKNAME)


My name is $NAME [1][2], and I have been contributing in the Ubuntu community for $LENGTH with the $TEAM. I am interested in joining the Ubuntu Beginners Team. I believe that I can help with the $FOCUS_GROUP, and some prior examples of my work related to this team can be found here [3].



Application for Vote

We value the input of the community. If you are an established member of another team who wishes to become a mentor for a related focus group please have your team leader or two other team members leave a testimonial for you. An example testimonial looks like this:

[[$NAME]]I have worked with $CANDIDATE for the past $LENGTH on the $TEAM. He has been doing some terrific work on $STUFF. I can support the quality of his work, and believe $CANDIDATE is here to stay.

Some examples of his work can be found:

 n:   link
 n+1: link
 n+m: link

@ S I G @

Please note that @ S I G @ should be written as @SIG@ on the page.

Ubuntu If you are new to the Ubuntu Community and not yet a member of another team a recommendation from your Beginners Team mentor must also be included on your wiki page with the other recommendation. An example of this type of recommendation is below:

As the mentor of $CANDIDATE I would like to vouch for the effort and work that $CANDIDATE has put into the team. He is $DescriptionOfCharacteristics, and would make a great addition to the team. He has my support for Beginners Team membership. @ S I G @

Please note that @ S I G @ should be written as @SIG@ on the page.

Ubuntu After receiving either set of recommendations and placing them on your wiki page you will send an email to the mailing list announcing you wish to be voted on for membership at the next meeting. You should also update the Meetings wiki page to add yourself to the agenda.



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