* Ubuntu Beginners Team Meeting 2009-11-04

  • Decide to open up Team Report to Focus Groups as a way to keep the rest of the team and the entire Ubuntu community informed about their activities.
  • Agree that members should be required to join the mailing list and that padawans will be strongly encouraged to join the list.
  • Starcraftman is now the Wiki FG lead

  • duanedesign is now the lead for the Launchpad FG

  • stlsaint joined the Ubuntu Beginners Team. He has been studying servers and virtualization. He frequently gives support in -help, does wiki work, and Launchpad answers.

  • sblunix joined the Ubuntu Beginners Team. He is really involved in the Ubuntu community forums. He is also a member of the Wiki FG.

  • Ms_Angel_D joined the Ubuntu Beginners Team. She actively helps people with their installs. She maintains a blog, contributes to the wiki and the forums. She is also founder of the Ubuntu Network

* Launchpad Focus Group

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