* Ubuntu Beginners Team Meeting 2010-01-05

  • Channel movements -
    • #ubuntu-beginners-help was redirected to #ubuntu-beginners
    • #ubuntu-beginners-team was created for team discussions
    • ##cabaret was for off-topic chat
  • Roadmap - duanedesign had been working on that and created a wiki page - currently at their sandbox duanedesigns' sandbox

  • Userdays took place at the end of the month with collabaration with members of UBT https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UserDays

  • Votes - excluding channel votes summarized above
    • It was agreed to keep the Stalker Focus Group
    • It was agreed to decide new leads at the next meeting
    • It was agreed to use Launchpad as official member list for FGs and remove wiki lists.
    • Logging of main channel was postponed for more discussion in light of the channel changes
    • It was not agreed to unvoice members of the beginners team in #ubuntu-beginners
  • Chris Johnston joined the Ubuntu Beginners Team.

  • ikt joined the Ubuntu Beginners Team.

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