• Bodsda raised opinion that the Beginners FAQ page requires attention and an update.
    • Two ways of how to progress the matter have been hinted by members.
      • Re-designing the wiki page, updating all links.
      • Removing the page in favour of linking elsewhere in the Wiki. ie: Ubuntu SignPost.

    • ZachK_ offered to take the task of actioning this.
  • Discussed replacing Votebot with ubottu.
    • All members present were largely in favour of Votebot's deprecation.
    • Council are to vote on Votebot's removal from the main channels.
  • BT Council proposed a new draft for the membership requirements process to the rest of the team.

    • Discussions to continue on the Mailing List and Wiki.
  • ZachK_ announced that the Summer of Documentation is just around the corner, and requested for any members to help out.
  • cjohnston discussed an opportunity for the BT to help out in redesigning the Ubuntu Community page on the Ubuntu site.

    • Any member interested in helping, are to email, or PM cjohnston.

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