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  * Put articles in Dutch under NederlandstaligeDocumentatie -> "Voor Belgische gebruikers". Create at least a stub French translation under with a link to the Dutch version.


The main goals of Ubuntu-be does not include writing and maintaining documentation. This import job is already fulfilled by the larger Ubuntu, Ubuntu-nl, Ubuntu-fr and Ubuntu-de (link needed) communities. However, Ubuntu-be can be used as a meeting point to coordinate documentations on subject specific to Belgium in the various languages spoken in our country.


Since we are dealing with Dutch, French German and English, some guidelines to try and keep a minimum of sync between translations:

For new articles

  • Create articles in Dutch on the articles Nederlandstalige Ubuntu documentatie wiki. **instructions for a portal page neeeded**. Consider creating a stub articles for English, German and French translations.

  • Create articles in French on the Ubuntu-fr Documentation wiki. Use the belgique tag to get your article linked from the belgique portal page. Consider creating a stub articles for Dutch, German and English translations.

  • Create articles in English on the Community Documentation wiki. Add your page to the CategoryBelgianDocumentation category (see HelpOnCategories). Consider creating a stub articles for Dutch, German and French translations.

  • instructions needed for articles in German

  • In the head of your article, add links to the translations in other languages.

For modifications to existing articles

  • Do not move or rename any articles unless absolutely necessary!

  • For non-trivial modifications (content addition, major rewrite, etc.)
    • Send a modification report the mailing list (subscription required).

    • Consider warning reader of the other translations of the page that a more recent version exists in another language by adding a warning note on top of them.

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