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 * '''Do not move''' any pages below unless absolutely necessary!  * '''Do not move or rename''' any pages below unless absolutely necessary!
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 * BelgianTeam/BeDocs/OnlineBanking  * [:BelgianTeam/BeDocs/OnlineBanking: Online Banking in Belgium with Ubuntu]

Introduction & guidelines

This page indexes Belgium specific documentation. These documents are written in English. They are the source documents for translations to Dutch and French. Some guidelines to try and keep the translations more or less in sync:

  • If you create any page below, don't forget to:
    • create a stub Dutch translation under NederlandstaligeDocumentatie -> Voor Belgische gebruikers

    • create a stub French translation -> where? to be completed!

  • Do not move or rename any pages below unless absolutely necessary!

Belgium specific documentation

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