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When? Where? What?


  • Claudio
  • Massimiliano
  • Thijs (hfsdo)
  • Hans
  • ?


  • 20€


  • IRC meeting for coordination: proposed 22 september 2010 at 21h00 on IRC #ubuntu-be
  • Promotion of the booth within Ubuntu-be community and locally ?
  • Think about a good setup of the booth ! Setup of the boot in a U-design
  • Don't forget to add at the entrance of the fair posters inviting to the booth ! A4 or A3 posters @ the entrance of the fair and maybe handing out flyers(edition 2008)

Stuff needed

paper, attachments, various

  • Banner Belgian LoCo Team : (1x eventbox)we will print a big banner of 1,2m on paper and plastified .

  • Posters
    • "Ubuntu highway to freedom is now open" (5x eventboxx)
    • "Free your PC" (5x eventbox)
    • "Linux-Tux": (3x eventbox)
    • Simple posters for the entrance of the event : (2x made by Massimiliano)
  • Flyers 2009 Ubuntu-be : (250+ eventbox)
  • Flyer use of live-CD : (30+ eventbox)
  • Sheet Informatie-Information_Ubuntu.odt : (eventbox)
  • Pen's : (2x eventbox)
  • Tablecloth : (1x eventbox)
  • 1 inflatable Tux : 0
  • x figuurtjes Tux : (3)
  • Contribution urn : (1x eventbox)
  • Duct tape and other buro material : (1x eventbox)
  • 1 long power extension cords : (2x claudio)(Hans)
  • 3 power strips (4 sockets minimum) : (2x claudio) (Hans)
  • anti-theft cables for laptops : (1xClaudio, 1xMassimiliano)


  • CD's ( 50 originals + 32 copies + 0 blanco) + 10 paper bags)
  • boot-able USB sticks : (2x Claudio, 1x Massimiliano)
  • 1 PC + flatScreen: (1x Ubuntu)
  • 1 PC + flatScreen : (1x KUbuntu)
  • 1 PC + flatscreen : Ubuntu server
  • 1 PC : (Demo games on linux) attached to Beamer.(1x Massimiliano)
  • laptops : (1x Claudio ubuntu, 1x Thijs ubuntu,...)
  • netbook : (1x Claudio Xubuntu, 1x Massimiliano Ubuntu+UNR,...)
  • additional flat screen's: (1x Claudio)
  • eID card reader : (?)
  • beamer + screen : (Hans)
  • Audio set : (1x Claudio)
  • External cd writer : (1x Claudio)
  • UPS 350VA for use with beamer & GamePC

  • ...
  • continuous slideshow Ubuntu_short_presentation-NL.odp, how to install 10.04LTS : (see wiki))
  • ISO's on an USB stick (Ubuntu, Kubuntu, Xubuntu, Alternate, 64 bits, netbook, etc..) : (1x ubuntu, 1x UNR Claudio)
  • Possibility of WiFi connection : Claudio via Hotspot shared over switch or server

  • ...

What else?

  • Digital camera : (Claudio)
  • candies : (Massimiliano)
  • fresh drink : (Claudio)


Setup of the booth:

The setup of the booth went smoothly and the U-shaped arrangement on this fair was simple to achieve. We had 1.5 hours of work to complete the booth.

Hardware used:

2x PC with monitor 1x server monitor 2x netbooks 2x laptops 1x gamepc with monitor and projector 1x 8-port switch 1x wireless access point for wifi "ubuntu-be" for laptops and netbooks

There was much interest in the ordinary PCs and laptops with ubuntu, the netbooks I found had less success. The hype about the netbooks is not a hypy anumore (on this fair anyway). The (web) server actually had little or no success, this PC next time we simply use as Demo for (X, K) ubuntu. What many visitors stopped for was the GamePc from Massimiliano especially when we played Frets on Fire ther were many people watching, so we can also propose ubuntu to a younger audience.

Thanks to Hans for the use of the beamer.


There was a lot of people between 10.30h and 12.30h in the afternoon it was around 14.00 a bit crowded, the rest it was pretty quiet. So we had some time to resolve a few bugs in the network that we had build.

CD donations:

There where about 40 original CDs distributed and 20 copy's. The donations were well , after the payment of the booth (20 €) and parking (12 €) we had 54,25€ left.

To Do with the donations:

Buy Fabric tablecloth Payment for shipping promotional materials on the next fair we have to purchase blank CDs and cd-sleaves


It was again a pleasant and successful fair.

Thanks to Massimiliano, Hans and Thijs.





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