Ubuntu Belgium Facebook Team

Ubuntu Belgium Facebook Team is for volunteers who want to help managing and contributing to the Ubuntu-be Facebook page

Task description

The task of the Ubuntu Belgium Facebook Team is:

  1. Coordinating the use of the Ubuntu-be Facebook page
  2. Establishing and maintaining the content on the page.
  3. In relation with the activities and future events it is our task to provide valid info of those on the Facebook Page.
  4. Looking for opportunities to develop the promotion of Ubuntu (and open source) and taking initiative that supports the Ubuntu code of conduct.
  5. Reporting about the page its activities to the Ubuntu Belgian Team and Ubuntu-be community through the mailing list, IRC #ubuntu-be, or other communication channels.

The Facebook Team should always react as a voice of Ubuntu-be. Therefor it must also take into account that the behavior of the Facebook Team has to be correct and decent as described in the Ubuntu Code Of Conduct. The facebook page should be updated on a regular bases. The Facebook Team should try to make use of the Multimedia capabilities of facebook and to take advantage of the social spirit of it. It is suggested that the Facebook Team communicates with those responsible for the other social media channels of Ubuntu-be (that is the Orkut, indenti.ca, and twitter).

Members of the team

  • Claudio
  • massimo21
  • Bram (gadeynebram)
  • Woutervddn

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