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|| || ||Writing & proofeeading (Via Email and on the wiki)|| || || ||Writing & proofreading (Via Email and on the wiki)||

BESkills is an offshoot of the Ubuntu Belgian Team. (this page is inspired by "UKTeam/Skills"

It allows all users to offer and look up particular skills and resources needed for your event / project. Whilst technical help is available through the support channels, BESkills is here to help you with practical side that's needed to help you realise your project. It may be as simple as being able to design/print A4 flyers or have access to a CD duplicator or are being pretty snazzy with an iron to put artwork onto t-shirts, it all helps!

Listed below are the users who are offering their knowledge, skills and resources to help with your event and/or project. Please feel free to email me with your name, contact details and skill base you're willing to offer to the Ubuntu-BE community. (or edit this page as required)

Thanks in advance.

Please come and fill the table below.

Contact / Alias


Skill Base (and availability)

Nicolas Pettiaux


coordination of political activities

Writing & proofreading (Via Email and on the wiki)

Broeckx Bart


Moderator of the dutch Ubuntu forum



Organisator, Server Admin, Instructor, student, engineer, ...

Coder; Php, .Net, Java, C++, Mysql, ...

As you'll appreciate, the time, skills and resources are offered on a goodwill basis, so please discuss your needs with the "listee" and any time constraints.


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