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 * Ubuntu-be did his part at the Digital Week [[BelgianTeam/DigitalWeek/2011 | 2011]] and [[BelgianTeam/DigitalWeek/2010 | 2010]]
 * Ubuntu-be was present at [[Fosdem/2011 | Fosdem 2011]], [[Fosdem/2010 | Fosdem 2010]], Fosdem 2009, [[BelgianTeam/Fosdem/Brussels_2008 | Fosdem 2008]] and [[BelgianTeam/Fosdem/Brussels_2007 | Fosdem 2007]]
 * Software Freedom Day [[BelgianTeam/SoftwareFreedomDay/2010 | 2010]] and [[BelgianTeam/SoftwareFreedomDay/2009 | 2009]]
 * Ubuntu-be and the Digital Week : [[BelgianTeam/DigitalWeek/2012 | 2012]], [[BelgianTeam/DigitalWeek/2011 | 2011]] and [[BelgianTeam/DigitalWeek/2010 | 2010]]
 * Ubuntu-be was present at Fosdem 2012, [[Fosdem/2011 | Fosdem 2011]], [[Fosdem/2010 | Fosdem 2010]], Fosdem 2009, [[BelgianTeam/Fosdem/Brussels_2008 | Fosdem 2008]] and [[BelgianTeam/Fosdem/Brussels_2007 | Fosdem 2007]]
 * Software Freedom Day [[BelgianTeam/SoftwareFreedomDay/2011 | 2011]], [[BelgianTeam/SoftwareFreedomDay/2010 | 2010]] and [[BelgianTeam/SoftwareFreedomDay/2009 | 2009]]

Mission statement

The Ubuntu-be team wants to grow the local ecosystem of individuals, companies, non-profits and governmental and intergovernmental institutions working with Ubuntu Linux in and very close to Belgium. To achieve this, we follow a two-pronged approach:

  1. In areas where location is key to success (example: install parties), ubuntu-be team members do the work.
  2. In areas where language is key to success (examples: documentation, online support), we refer people to their respective language project (ubuntu-nl, ubuntu-fr, ubuntu-de, ubuntu-tr, ubuntu-ku, ...).

Ubuntu-be members publish and coordinate their efforts with the different local, regional, language community and national levels involved in mind. Special attention goes to nl_be - fr_be coordination.

For the mission statement of Ubuntu itself you can take a look at:


You can also search for the ubuntube Flickr tag.

To join us:

  1. Subscribe to the Ubuntu-be mailing list

  2. Send a message to the list telling who you are and why you are interested in becoming a member.
  3. Create an account in if you don't already have one

  4. If you want to do serious volunteer work, apply for membership at .

Currently, Ubuntu-be is an informal organization of Ubuntu enthusiasts. As such, our realizations are mostly the action of willing individuals acting on their own. There is a ongoing reflexion on how to to organize ourself more effectively at BelgianTeam/TeamOrganization. Feel free to join the discussion.

The Belgian Team is an approved Ubuntu LoCo. Read more about what this means here



We plan to have frequent IRC meetings, see BelgianTeam/IrcMeetings for more information.

We had other meetings, some online and some in real life, see BelgianTeam/PastMeetings.

Belgium specific documentation

Looking for documentation on Belgian topics, see

Wanting to share your knowledge of Belgian specific topics, see BelgianTeam/BeDocs for information on how and where to do it.

Belgian press

Education and courses

Localized installer CD

TO BE UPDATED IN 2011 Join the effort at BelgianTeam/LocalizedCD !

Activities, Fair booths & Events


Support points volunteers show their enthousiasm to potential converts by distributing CD's, giving demonstrations and helping to install Ubuntu for the first time. Those volunteers registered themselves as support points, you can find them at:


For a current TODO list, please take a look at the Ubuntu-be Bugsection on the Launchpad. For a list with ideas concerning the Website and the Wiki you can view / post ideas and brainspins at the Website Overview page.

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