Ben Woods

Email: <woodsb02 AT gmail DOT com>

My name is Ben Woods, and I have been using linux since around 1999. I have been running it actively since around 2002.

I initially started with Red Hat 8 and Mandrake 9, but quickly moved on the Slackware! I like the simplicity of Slackware, but the lack of dependency management, lack of easy update facilities, and old package selection (lilo, sendmail etc) has caused me to seek alternatives.

I dabbled with Debian for a long time, but found it never quite suited me. I found ArchLinux and Frugalware linux and was very happy for some time.

When Ubuntu was released, I could see right from the start that this would be a great distribution. With the release of Dapper 6.06, I have moved to it as my full time distribution of choice on my laptop, and on my server.

I want to give back to the linux community, but am currently a little too busy at this stage of my life (my final year of an engineering and commerce double degree at the University of Western Australia). I therefore try and help by submitting bug reports, feature requests and suggestions, and by testing beta products.

I hope to one day have the time to get fully involved in some of the development of a linux distribution, or even the kernel if I gain a deep enough understanding.


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